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A new MINI on your drive from £0 deposit - nought, nil, nada, nothing, zero, zilch, zip! 2, 3, 4 year agreements.

Are you ready for a MINI adventure?

Exclusive MMG and Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Colleague Offer

Iconic design. Go-Kart handling. See a new side to the city with the iconic MINI - available from £0 deposit. Its go-kart handling and lowered suspension mean exploring town has never felt so exhilarating. See below for MMG & MADG Colleague offers across the versatile MINI range. These are 2, 3 or 4 year agreements via AlphaDrive.

Model47 Monthly payments ofTerm of agreementContract MileageCustomer DepositOn the road cash price*Total amount of creditRate of interestOptional final payment^Total amount payableRepresentative APRExcess Mileage (pence per mile)
MINI 3-door Hatch from £0 deposit & £203.01 a month
MINI Cooper D Chili£203.014832,000£0.00£13,884.50£13,884.505.8%£6,898.92£16,742.365.8%6.21
MINI Cooper SD Chili£208.394832,000£0.00£15,370.25£15,370.255.8%£8,470.08£18,571.845.8%7.51
MINI Cooper Seven Edition Chili Pack£209.204832,000£0.00£14,632.50£14,632.505.8%£7,502.08£17,642.635.8%6.66
MINI Cooper S Seven Edition Chili Pack£210.104832,000£0.00£16,057.50£16,057.505.8%£9,239.11£19,422.765.8%8.16
MINI SD JCW Sport Chili£210.564832,000£0.00£15,721.25£15,721.255.8%£8,792.61£18,998.665.8%7.82
MINI Cooper D JCW Sport Chili£212.504832,000£0.00£14,495.50£14,495.505.8%£7,152.34£17,451.275.8%6.42
MINI 5-door Hatch from £0 deposit & £207.01 a month
MINI Cooper D Chili£207.014832,000£0.00£14,281.00£14,281.005.8%£7,179.98£17,215.305.8%6.45
MINI Cooper SD Chili£213.014832,000£0.00£15,790.00£15,790.005.8%£8,746.53£19,070.185.8%7.18
MINI Cooper Seven Edition Chili Pack£213.754832,000£0.00£15,049.01£15,049.015.8%£7,778.53£18,137.365.8%8.4
MINI Cooper S Seven Edition Chili Pack£214.274832,000£0.00£16,454.01£16,454.015.8%£9,510.95£19,894.695.8%8.4
MINI Cooper SD JCW Sport Chili£215.104832,000£0.00£16,141.00£16,141.005.8%£9,073.66£19,497.515.8%8.04
MINI Cooper D JCW Sport Chili£216.244832,000£0.00£14,892.00£14,892.005.8%£7,447.22£17,925.745.8%6.67
MINI Clubman from £0 deposit & £234 a month
MINI Cooper Chili£234.004832,000£0.00£17,016.50£17,016.505.8%£9,150.53£20,481.655.8%8.12
MINI Cooper D Chili£234.764832,000£0.00£17,619.20£17,619.205.8%£9,864.69£21,232.295.8%8.76
MINI Cooper D Chili Media£244.204832,000£0.00£18,246.20£18,246.205.8%£10,141.14£21,961.585.8%9
MINI Cooper Chili Media£244.664832,000£0.00£17,681.50£17,681.505.8%£9,408.55£21,251.265.8%8.33
MINI Cooper Chili Auto£245.584832,000£0.00£18,063.00£18,063.005.8%£9,837.05£21,723.795.8%8.73
MINI Cooper D Chili Auto£246.484832,000£0.00£18,671.90£18,671.905.8%£10,551.21£22,481.335.8%9.32
MINI Convertible from £0 deposit & £232.69 a month
MINI Cooper Chili£232.694832,000£0.00£16,475.55£16,475.555.8%£8,543.80£19,811.725.8%7.43
MINI Cooper Chili Media£243.674832,000£0.00£17,327.55£17,327.555.8%£9,018.38£20,813.665.8%7.86
MINI Cooper S Chili£245.754832,000£0.00£17,954.00£17,954.005.8%£9,691.07£21,586.175.8%8.42
MINI Cooper Chili Auto£246.794832,000£0.00£17,377.25£17,377.255.8%£8,912.40£20,857.325.8%8.71
MINI Cooper D Chili£248.224832,000£0.00£17,483.00£17,483.005.8%£8,967.69£20,981.295.8%7.79
MINI Countryman from £0 deposit & £274.10 a month
MINI Cooper D Chili£274.104832,000£0.00£20,187.50£20,187.505.8%£10,959.41£24,215.425.8%9.57
MINI Cooper Chili£279.844832,000£0.00£19,824.20£19,824.205.8%£10,194.56£23,725.975.8%9.44
MINI Cooper D Chili Media£286.354832,000£0.00£20,957.50£20,957.505.8%£11,263.50£2,507.135.8%9.84
MINI Cooper D ALL4 Chili£286.454832,000£0.00£21,307.50£21,307.505.8%£11,696.61£25,545.075.8%10.21
MINI Cooper D Chili Auto£287.134832,000£0.00£21,304.00£21,304.005.8%£11,655.14£25,536.585.8%10.16
MINI Cooper S Chili£289.864832,000£0.00£20,888.40£20,888.405.8%£10,987.05£24,999.555.8%9.52
MINI Cooper D Tech Chili£294.844832,000£0.00£21,650.50£21,650.505.8%£11,673.57£25,924.755.8%10.21
MINI Cooper D ALL4 Chili Media£298.264832,000£0.00£22,077.50£22,077.505.8%£12,023.74£26,439.335.8%10.5
MINI Cooper D JCW Chili£298.614832,000£0.00£21,566.50£21,566.505.8%£11,364.87£25,797.005.8%9.94
MINI Cooper D Chili Media Auto£299.034832,000£0.00£22,074.00£22,074.005.8%£11,977.67£26,430.335.8%10.45
MINI Cooper D ALL4 Chili Auto£299.484832,000£0.00£22,424.00£22,424.005.8%£12,392.34£26,866.235.8%10.79


For more information please contact (don't forget to mention you are a MMG or MADG Colleague):

(South) Matt Hector – 07775 603276 Email Matt

(North) Rachael Nairn - 07767 670235 Email Rachael


Fuel economy figures for the MINI range: See Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions.

The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer’s tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle’s actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only.

Monthly payment figure has been rounded to the nearest two decimal points, so may differ slightly to the formal quote you receive. A Credit Arrangement Fee of £99 is payable with the first instalment. Finance examples are based on a credit sale agreement for a term of 48 months. Initial monthly instalment, which will include the Credit Arrangement Fee of £99, will be followed by 47 further instalments commencing in month two. Final Instalment is not payable if you opt to return the vehicle at the end of the agreement but excess mileage, vehicle condition and other charges may be payable. Cash Price is based on manufacturer's recommended retail price and includes vehicle first registration fee, Vehicle Excise Duty for the first year, delivery, number plates and VAT at the prevailing rate. Vehicle Excise Duty is included for the term of the agreement. Applies to new vehicles ordered between 1 July 2017 and 25 September 2017 and registered within 4 months of the date of order. Subject to availability, credit acceptance and eligibility to the AlphaDrive scheme, terms and conditions apply. Over 18s and UK residents only. Guarantees and indemnities may be required. Offers may be varied or withdrawn at any time. You will have a 14 day statutory right to withdraw from the agreement. Credit is provided by Alphabet (GB) Limited, Alphabet House, Summit One, Summit Avenue, Farnborough GU14 0FB. AlphaDrive offers only available to Marshall Motor Group and Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Colleagues only.