What do I need to do?

1. Ensure all our customers can park
2. Ensure all customers are greeted
3. Ensure the telephone is promptly answered and correctly.
4. Ensure all used car pitch is correctly presented – all priced and prepared, flags flying, totems erected, POS displayed [numberplates etc.,] and all cars are on the internet.
5. Ensure our showroom display is CLASS LEADING.
6. Please ensure we have a great selection of new cars on display - ESSENTIAL. All must have the correct point of sale with correct pricing sheet and CO2 sheet.
7. Ensure your over-aged new car stock is in your showroom
8. Ensure everyone is spoken to
9. Offer a Test Drive every time
10. Get your Sales Manager/Business Manager/Sales Controller involved in EVERY enquiry
11. Smile.
12. Have fun and make every enquiry count.