Concerned about getting credit toward your new car?

If you’re concerned about getting credit for car finance on your next car, Marshall Motor Group may be able to help.

Our pre-arranged car finance facility has been specifically designed to help customers who feel they may have a poor credit history, find a car that fits within their monthly budget. If you already have a credit score that’s far from perfect, repeated credit checks could make the situation worse; our ‘soft search’ doesn’t register on your credit record, so won’t have any impact on your credit rating at all.

Conducting all checks in advance will help you work out your budget and what cars you should look at test driving. We work with 14 different lenders, meaning we can give you an instant online decision that saves time and stress.

All we need is a few details to get you started and by the end of our quick and convenient process, you will know ahead of visiting one of our dealerships that your funding is secure, meaning you can enjoy the process of choosing the right car, without stress.

Our short video explains how it works in more detail.

Benefits of our Prearranged Car Finance Facility

  • With access to 14 different lenders, we can help you find the terms which best suit your credit profile and budget
  • Our ‘soft search’ technology protects your credit rating
  • We can save you the time and hassle of having to ‘shop round’ and make multiple credit applications
  • We offer a quick and very convenient service designed around you, our customer
  • We provide this service Free of charge and there is no obligation to take advantage of any of our quotes

Here is how our prearranged finance facility works:

  • Complete the brief online application to receive and instant decision at any time of day or night
  • One of our customer services team will be happy to answer any queries you may have
  • Obtain a credit limit that suits your ideal monthly budget
  • Visit the dealership to test drive a selection of cars that you already know are affordable

Anyone can apply provided you:

  • Are aged 22 years or over
  • Hold a full UK provisional or full licence
  • Are currently employed or self employed earning in excess of £850 pmth (after tax)
  • Have been resident in the UK for over 3yrs

27.9% APR Representative

Credit rating explained:

  1. A lender will tend to judge your finance application based on 2 key areas :
    i) How you have paid credit in the past (i.e. your ‘credit history’).
    ii) Your overall current ‘profile’ (i.e. how long you have been at your address and how long you have been in your current in job, etc, etc).
  2. The lender will then combine these two elements to create an overall ‘credit score’ or ‘credit rating’ for you as a potential customer
  3. With access to 14 lenders, we are therefore able to cater for most credit statuses.