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To arrive in style first you have to arrive. The all-new Rio has a stunning array of technology to make sure that you’ll get where you’re going, and get there comfortably and safely. This technology doesn’t just make things easier, quicker, safer, more convenient, more practical and more efficient, it also makes you look good at the same time. We call this designer technology.

LED Daytime Running Lights* make sure other motorists can see you in all conditions. They also add a touch of style to the exterior along with the projection headlights. The headlights bookend the tiger-nose grille, Kia’s trademark twin tab grille with its geometrical lattice pattern. The front end of the Rio has a touch of menace with a wide bumper that houses a large air intake and fog lights.

The Rio is also a master of illusion. It appears small from the outside, but feels big inside. The roomy cabin has abundant space for your limbs as well as for storage. The rear seats can be folded to increase luggage capacity to an agoraphobic 900+ litres of space. There are no average sizes, therefore this isn’t an average car.

New Kia Rio, Exterior, Red
New Kia Rio, Exterior, Grey
New Kia Rio, Exterior, Red


When it comes to choice, the KIA Rio leaves other cars in its tracks. Rio features and advanced range of powerful engines ranging from 74 to 107bhp.

Petrol variants are available with punchy yet economical 1.4 litre engines. Diesel models are available in either 1.1 or 1.4 CRDI variants - both feature low CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption with the 1.1 diesel engines boasting CO2 emissions of just 85 g/km (Rio 5-dr).

Controls, New Kia Rio
Storage, New Kia Rio
Interior, New Kia Rio

Safety & Technology

When solid metal meets solid anything, air is your best friend. The Rio’s six airbag system* is comprised of two front airbags, two side airbags and two curtain airbags to provide protection and reassurance. Underneath, a reinforced high tensile steel sub-frame offers strength where it’s needed most. *1.4 TEC only.

Getting into tight spaces is just as simple. The Rear Park Assist System on the 1.4 TEC simplifies reverse parking by alerting you if you get too close to other cars or the curb.

The escort/welcome home lighting system provides the safety of a well-lit environment whether you’re getting into, or getting out of, your Rio. (1.4 & 1.4 TEC only)

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