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Prepare your car for the winter

Get your complimentary Health Check from Marshall Maserati

The best way to prepare your car for Winter is to use the people who are best prepared to look after your car – Marshall Motor Group.

And right now, we'll carry out a 25 Point Winter Check to ensure yours is ready for whatever the weather throws at us.

At Maserati Peterborough we aim to provide great value and peace of mind, whatever the weather, so you can be assured your Winter Check will include a visual safety inspection of your vehicle in addition to checking and topping up all vital fluids and tyre pressure to help reduce the chances of incident and breakdown during the harsh Winter months.This will be carried out by one of our manufacturer trained technicians and they will also be able to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s health, so you can drive away with complete peace of mind.

Make sure you and your car are safe this winter, whatever the weather, contact Marshall Motor Group.

*Complimentary Anti-freeze top up is limited to 1 litre.

Visit our Peterborough Dealership, call 01733 823564 or

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  • Lights/Electrics - Mandatory lights (external), horn, wipers, washers
  • External/Internal - Brake (noise, feel), clutch, transmission operation, engine (noise, smoke), glass, mirrors, wiper blades, seat belts (security & operation)
  • Brakes/Hubs - Brake fluid (condition,temperature), master (cylinder, servo), linings (pads, shoes), discs, drums, hoses, pipes, cables, wheel bearings
  • Under the bonnet - Fluid levels (oil, water, coolant, screen wash), fluid leaks (oil, water), battery (condition, drive belts), anti-freeze check and top up*
  • Underside - Exhaust system, catalyst, Steering, suspension, Drive shafts, gaiters, Oil leaks
  • Wheels/Tyres - Nearside front (NSF), Offside front (OSF), Nearside rear (NSR), Offside rear (OSR), Spare, Tyre pressure (check & adjust accordingly)