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Maserati's premium four-door saloon has received an upgrade, with new styling and the option of a more economical diesel engine.

Refined design

Although many may associate the Italian manufacturer with small coupés and roadsters, the new Maserati Quattroporte Diesel is a sure and confident statement that it can also make world-beating executive saloons with panache. At the centre of the Quattroporte Diesel's elegant front is the narrow grille, which as always sports the Trident logo, but thanks to a new barred design the Quattroporte flaunts an air of seriousness and subtle menace to augment its elegance. When you take in the deep intakes and sharp lines, it quickly becomes apparent that the Quattroporte Diesel is a saloon that proudly flaunts its sporting heritage.

New Maserati Quattroporte Diesel, Exterior, Silver
New Maserati Quattroporte Diesel, Exterior, Silver
New Maserati Quattroporte Diesel, Exterior, Silver

​Interior comfort

If the exterior of the Quattroporte Diesel makes a show of its sporting prowess, then the interior serves as a reminder that this is a car that has been kitted out with the highest possible attention to both detail and quality. The upholstery comes in the shape of the finest Italian leather, whilst the inlays and hard surfaces can be chosen from a selection of woods.

In the back there is a comfortable rear bench seat that can fit three people on its hand-stitched leather surface, as well as 530 litres of boot space

Engine performance

The Quattroporte Diesel is unique within the Quattroporte range for the sole reason that it doesn't come with a petrol engine. Instead, as you would expect, it features a diesel engine. More specifically the new Quattroporte diesel comes equipped with a 3.0-litre diesel that will let you travel from 0-60mph in under 6.4 seconds, yet can still achieve 45.6mpg. The Quattroporte Diesel boasts a range of drive configurations to help you achieve the best performance in any conditions, and even comes with a mode that has been optimised for cold weather and icy conditions. 

Back interior, New Maserati Quattroporte Diesel
New Maserati Quattroporte Diesel, Interior, Gearstick Closeup
New Maserati Quattroporte Diesel, Interior, Front of Car

​Safety technology

As a high-end luxury saloon, the Quattroporte Diesel has to balance its power and speed with safety. That's why Maserati has included cutting-edge accident prevention features such as a blind spot alert system, ABS, ESP and cruise control. If there is a collision, airbags are deployed in front of the driver and passenger, whilst those travelling in the rear are protected by a side-curtain airbag.

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