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What Is A Hybrid? Introducing the What Is A Hybrid? Starting From
What Is A Hybrid?


A Hybrid car uses a combination of electric power and a conventional combustion engine to deliver remarkable fuel economy, seamless power and lower emissions.

Reasons To Drive A Kia Hybrid Car

Kia, Exterior, Front Side, X-Ray, Battery Configuration
Kia Soul, Exterior, Blue, Plugged into home charger
Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid, Exterior, Rear Side, Grey
Kia, Interior, Drivers point of View

Lower emissions

Because the electric motor can assist with the acceleration there is less strain on the engine. It also allows the engine to switch off more regularly – when coasting for example. This means lower emissions and cleaner air for everybody.

Reduced running costs

Using less fuel is not only good for the environment it’s also good for your finances! Improved fuel economy means less money spent on fuel, and less time wasted at the pumps. The lower emissions also mean a reduced VED rate and lower BIK tax.

Doesn’t require you to make any changes

Not sure about a plug-in vehicle, or don’t have the option of a home charge point? Then a hybrid car might be for you, as you use it like a conventional car. Clever electronics take care of how the energy is used, all you have to worry about is keeping it topped up with petrol.

Relaxing drive

The assistance from the electric motor means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and that makes for a quieter journey. The added torque also means effortless acceleration for a more relaxing driving experience.


How does a Hybrid work?

Simple really. Along with a petrol or diesel engine, hybrids have an electric motor powered by a small but effective battery. The electric motor assists the engine and can drive the car at low speeds, for greater fuel economy and lower emissions.

What’s it like to drive a Hybrid car?

A hybrid drives like a traditional combustion engine car but with a few bonuses. It’s a lot quieter for a start, and the car’s clever systems automatically switch between electric and combustion seamlessly. And, if you fancy a more dynamic drive, you can change from Economy to Sports mode.

Our Hybrid Cars

Kia The all-new Sportage Hybrid, Front Side, Exterior, Green
Kia Niro Hybrid, Exterior, Front Side, Blue

The all-new Sportage Hybrid

Combining stunning looks and a premium interior, the all-new Sportage showcases a striking signature tiger nose grille, boomerang-style LED daytime running lights, dramatic matrix LED headlamps and a new Terrain Mode to conquer any surface. With its muscular looks and innovative electrified powertrain, the Sportage Hybrid inspires us to do things differently.

Niro Hybrid

The Kia Niro Hybrid harmoniously blends the practicality of a crossover SUV with the efficiency of a true hybrid. The result is a roomy, comfortable car packed with technology and high-end features that still delivers a relaxing, fuel-efficient drive. If you want to reduce your emissions and improve fuel economy without sacrificing comfort or changing the way you drive, find out more about the Kia Niro Hybrid.

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