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What Is A Mild Hyrid? Introducing the What Is A Mild Hyrid? Starting From
What Is A Mild Hyrid?


A Mild Hybrid car is very similar to a Hybrid car, but with a smaller battery. So it can’t drive on battery power alone. The battery is there to help the petrol or diesel engine perform more economically.

Reasons To Drive A Kia Mild Hybrid Car

There are many substantial benefits to owning a Mild Hybrid car. Here are a few of the best.

Lower emissions

Because the electric motor can assist with the acceleration there is less strain on the engine. It also allows the engine to switch off more regularly – when coasting for example. This means lower emissions and cleaner air for everybody.

Reduced running costs

Using less fuel is not only good for the environment it’s also good for your finances! Improved fuel economy means less money spent on fuel, and less time wasted at the pumps. The lower emissions also mean a reduced VED rate and lower BIK tax.

Lower costs without changing how you use your car

Not quite ready to switch to a plug-in vehicle, or don’t have the option of a home charge point? Then a hybrid car might be for you. It doesn’t require you to do anything different than you would do in a conventional car. Clever electronics take care of how the energy is recovered and used. All you have to worry about is keeping it topped up with fuel.

Relaxing drive

The assistance from the electric motor means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and that makes for a quieter journey. The added torque also means effortless acceleration for a more relaxing driving experience.

Lower initial cost

While a mild hybrid doesn’t offer the same level of benefits as a full hybrid, the mild hybrid’s smaller battery means the initial purchase cost is lower.


How does a Mild Hybrid work?

With a Mild Hybrid the petrol, or diesel engine, does the bulk of the work with the electric motor helping out, so the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. And because the battery is charged by recovering energy whilst driving, there’s no need to plug-in.

What’s it like to drive a Mild Hybrid car?

Almost exactly the same as a conventional car. You will notice that the engine stops more often thanks to the assistance from the electric motor. Acceleration is more immediate thanks to the added torque from the electric motor, and fuel economy is improved.

Discover Our Mild Hybrids

The all-new Kia Sportage Mild Hybrid

The all-new Sportage is a car with many choices and now includes mild hybrid powertrain options. It combines enhanced efficiency with sporty performance and can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emission levels.

Kia Stonic Mild Hybrid

Powerful and dynamic, this engine really takes you places. The fun in this unique urban crossover carries on with the 1.0 T-GDI 118 bhp 7-speed dual clutch transmission or manual engine. Slide in, buckle up, and accelerate to a new level of enjoyable driving. Thanks to the advanced Mild Hybrid powertrain, fuel efficiency is even greater with all the same dynamism (available on 'GT-Line' upwards).

Kia Rio Mild Hybrid

The Kia Rio features an advanced mild hybrid powertrain, giving you low-emission everyday driving. By pairing the latest 1.0 T-GDi gasoline engine with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, it can reduce fuel consumption levels. What’s more, the integrated ‘e-system’ recovers kinetic energy during deceleration phases to provide torque assistance when accelerating. (Available on the '3' and 'GT-Line S' grades)

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