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PEUGEOT are keeping it prudent with the new Partner Tepee Electric van.

Boasting a driving range of 100 miles and absolutely no emissions, PEUGEOT are proud to announce an all-electric sibling to the Partner Tepee family.

The Partner Tepee Electric van is frugal, versatile and reliable, with a host of benefits for both personal and commercial use. Permitted to drive in regulated-emissions zones and during regulated traffic times, the Partner Tepee Electric will keep you moving when other vans may have to yield; in addition, the vehicle will also qualify for tax exemption in the latest VED regulations, so you can keep both your purse and the planet in good health.

Seamlessly connected, the Partner Tepee allows for ultimate control of the van’s charging needs via a smartphone or tablet. If this wasn’t quite enough to convince you to make the switch to electric motoring, the traction battery is also under warranty for a massive eight years or 60,000 miles; peace of mind doesn’t need to come at a price when you drive a PEUGEOT.

The Partner Tepee Electric van will be officially launched at the Geneva International Motor Show in March, with order books opening later in 2017.