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The PEUGEOT INSTINCT: An innovative concept vehicle which becomes your sixth sense

The PEUGEOT INSTINCT concept, showcased in Spain this week, has gone the extra mile to show how a vehicle can be a stylish extension of one’s being.

A striking Shooting Brake which can drive itself 100% autonomously, the INSTINCT is both powerful and intuitive; offering 300 bhp through a PHEV powertrain, the vehicle is a virtual nerve centre which aims to click seamlessly into the driver’s lifestyle and adapt accordingly.

Offering four driving settings, the INSTINCT concept demonstrates how driver preferences can be utilized to create a quintessential journey, purely for the moment in question. In ‘Drive’ mode, one can select ‘Drive Boost’ or ‘Drive Relax’, while Autonomous mode offers ‘Autonomous Soft’ and ‘Autonomous Sharp’; a completely customisable approach towards the priorities of comfort and time efficiency.

Cockpit technology includes an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) platform, the Samsung ARTIK Cloud, which seamlessly syncs the user’s devices and uses this information to create personalised settings. Despite the INSTINCT’s ability to read the driver’s preferences, those behind the wheel remain in control; an i-Device which sits next to a 9.7” screen in the centre console allows the driver to action one’s own wishes, such as overtaking a vehicle or selecting a drive mode.

Perfectly sculpted to suit the driver’s needs, one can adjust the seat base, seat back and headrest individually; the occupant can therefore choose a seating position based on resting, driving or taking advantage of on-board entertainment.