Volkswagen (German: [ˈfɔlksˌvaːɡn̩] (About this soundlisten); English: /ˈvoʊksvɑːɡən, ˈvɒlkswɑːɡən, -wæɡən, ˈfɒlksvɑːɡən/), shortened to VW (German: [faʊ̯ ˈveː]), is a German automaker founded on 28 May 1937 by the German Labour Front, a Nazi labour union, and headquartered in Wolfsburg. It is the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Group, the largest automaker by worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017.[1] The group's biggest market is in China, which delivers 40% of its sales and profits.[2][3]

Volkswagen translates to "people's car" in German. The company's current international advertising slogan is just "Volkswagen", referencing the name's meaning.[4][5]


How do I know if my reservation/booking is confirmed?
At the end of the reservation process you will view a ‘Reservation Confirmation’ page with the reservation number highlighted. You will also receive a confirmation email containing the details of your reservation and text message if you would prefer.

Is it possible to modify/cancel my reservation after it is confirmed?
Yes, we allow you to modify or cancel your booking provided it is done up to 2 hours prior to rental time. You simply need to click on ‘Existing reservation’, within the 'Make a booking' page on our website. There will be charges incurred for cancelling less than 24 hours before the time of rental. For a change of vehicle this will be subject to availability at the time of the request.

Is it possible to view my reservation after it’s confirmed?
Yes, you can view your reservation by clicking on ‘Existing reservation’.

Is there a minimum/maximum age for renting a vehicle with Volkswagen Financial Services?
You must be aged 21 and have held a driving licence for at least 12 months. A young driver insurance charge applies for drivers aged between 21-24. Restrictions apply if you are under 25 or over 75 years of age.

Can I book a vehicle and pay for it even if I won’t be the person who picks it up and drives it?
Yes, you can be the renter and not the driver, however you will need to be present at (or before) pickup and provide the credit card you used as a security deposit, plus provide identification.

If I have forgotten my driving licence, can I still rent the vehicle?
No, the driving licence is mandatory for renting a vehicle and must be presented at pick up time.

My driving licence will expire soon; can I still rent a vehicle?
A valid driving licence is required to pick up the vehicle. The expiration date of the driving licence must be greater than the return date of your rental.

Can I add additional drivers?
Additional drivers must be expressly identified on the Rental Agreement. All persons wishing to drive must provide their licence and be validated with our insurance to ensure they can be covered and sign the rental agreement on pick up.

Can I carry animals in your vehicles?
No, for the comfort of all customers, we do not allow pets to be transported in our vehicles. However we do allow service animals used by customers with disabilities.

Can I upgrade the vehicle I have booked?
When you arrive at your location to pick up the vehicle you can request a higher vehicle category, or alternatively in advance of collection by logging into your account. This will be subject to availability.

Do you provide child seats?
You may rent a baby/child/ booster seat at a daily rate. Please ask for details at your local Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-a-Car location, or alternatively you can add this product to your booking via the “add extras” button when selecting your vehicle. You will need to fit this yourself.

Can I book additional extras or equipment?
Yes, you can book additional extras online. They will incur an extra cost (included in total price breakdown on your rental agreement) and are subject to availability.

Do you deliver vehicles?
Vehicle delivery can be arranged, subject to availability. Please contact your nearest Rent-a-Car location for a quotation.

Do you offer a collection service?
Vehicle collection can be arranged, subject to availability. Please contact your nearest Rent-a-Car location for a quotation.

I’m moving house; can I still rent a vehicle?
Yes, but if your driving licence is still registered at your old address, we will require two additional forms of identification for your new address. These could be from a Council, housing association, Conveyancer, building society or bank.

Can I choose the car/van model?
Yes, the availability of the vehicles is shown on our reservations page.

Can I have confirmation of the vehicle I want?
Yes, you will receive a reservation confirmation email and/or text message which states the vehicle model you have booked.

Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior to leaving the location?
Yes, we ask you to confirm the actual vehicle condition, backed up with photographic evidence that the Rental Manager will take prior to leaving the rental location.

Can the rental station/location explain the vehicle’s controls to me?
Yes, we would be delighted to give you a full run through of the controls of your chosen vehicle. We will also be happy to pair your mobile phone or even set your sat-nav to your first destination!

Will there be a deposit taken when I pick up the car?
There will be a security deposit taken in addition to the total rental costs. If booking online, we take the rental charges only and then take a security deposit in the rental location on collection of the vehicle.
If paying with a credit card the below amount will be a pre-authorisation. If paying with a debit card the below amount will be taken in full and then refunded when the vehicle is returned.
Security Deposit:
25 years old and over - £250
Under 25 years old - £400
Please note you will still be liable for the excess, should there be any additional charges on return of the vehicle. These can be found on our Insurance page.

During rental

What documents do I need to present to the location when I pick up my car?
You will need your driving licence, your identification documents and your valid credit card. Your confirmation email details exactly what you need to bring on the day of rental.

What is a Rental Agreement?
The Rental Agreement is the formal contract, signed by Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-a-Car and the customer (renter) at the time of pick up. This document sets out the obligations of each party, is an insurance declaration and contains all terms and conditions. Included is also the ‘owner liability statement’ which transfers liability for any road traffic offences and fines to the renter that are incurred by them during the period of rental.

What happens if the car breaks down or if I have an accident?
We provide customers with complete 24 hour emergency road-side assistance. The number you would need to call is printed on the rental agreement, the welcome information pack and also on a keyring that will be given to you. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you will receive prompt assistance.

Can I drive into another country?
We may permit you to leave the UK mainland with the vehicle. This varies according to country of rental, car categories and the countries you wish to visit. Please contact your nearest Rent-a-Car location for further details. A VE103B travel abroad document will be issued if permission is granted at the time of pick up.

Can I tow in my rental vehicle?
No, we do not fit towing equipment to our vehicles.

What do I need to do in the event of loss of keys?
In the event of loss of vehicle keys, you will need to contact the rental location where you picked up the vehicle. Additional service charges will apply, as the loss of keys is not covered by our insurance and protections.

What do I need to do in the event of a loss or theft of the vehicle?
The first thing will be to call the local police and next, call the location where you collected the vehicle. Please note that you will be liable for the insurance excess in the event that the vehicle is stolen.

Do I need to carry out any vehicle maintenance during the rental?
Our vehicles are ready to rent once they have successfully passed all the preparation checks. During your rental and according to the mileage run, you will be required to perform customary inspections (oil level, tyre pressure etc.) in accordance with reasonable and prudent use. You should stay alert for any signals from the warning lights on the vehicle’s dashboard and take any necessary protective action. If in doubt at any time, please do not hesitate to contact your renting location for advice.

When do I have to return the vehicle?
The vehicle should be returned to the agreed rental location at the latest date and time shown on the Rental Agreement document. The rental period will end when you return the vehicle to this location and hand the vehicle keys to the Rental Manager or their representative. We will allow a 60 minute tolerance period at the end of the rental before further charges apply. Please always contact your rental location if you need to extend the booking or if you know you are going to be late for any reason. We will always try our best to accommodate your requirements.

What happens if I’m late returning the vehicle?
All rental bookings have a 60 minutes grace period. This is the allowance over and above the end date and time shown on your rental agreement and reservation email. If you return the vehicle before the end of the grace period, no further charges will apply. If you return the vehicle later than the grace period, you will be charged an additional day’s rental.

What happens if I have a fine?
In the event you receive a fine during your rental, you will be given the fine notice from the police or directly from us that you will have to pay. In addition, you will be charged a ‘fine administration fee’ to cover our costs of administering your fine.

What type of fuel should I put in the vehicle?
Information on fuel will be provided to you by your rental location at the time of pickup. In addition, the fuel type will be mentioned in the tank flap and in the vehicle manufacturer’s guide that you will find in the glove box.

After Rental

Can I get a copy of my invoice?
Contact your rental location who will email you a copy.

Do I need to return the car with a full tank of fuel?
All our vehicles come with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel to ensure you can get on with your journey. You will be required to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as it had when you collected it.

What happens in case of dispute related to my rental?
You can contact your location directly and ask to speak with the Rental Manager or call Customer Services directly through our “Contact Us” section on our website.

Damage Cover Products

Who do I contact for insurance advice?
Please contact your nearest rental location for advice on insurance.

How will I be charged in the event of damage?
If new damage is noted when the vehicle is returned, you will be charged the corresponding excess amount. Should the final repair cost be lower than the excess charged, the difference will be reimbursed. In the event that our insurer is able to reclaim the costs from a third party, because the damage was the result of an incident that is proven to be not your fault, you will be reimbursed the excess charges in full.

What are the different types of additional extras and cover available?
We offer a range of extras that you can book to accompany your rental vehicle such as child seats, roof racks, foreign travel and these can be found under ‘Optional Items’ when making a reservation. Our standard price quoted includes comprehensive insurance with an insurance excess. Click here to review our insurance excess details.

What does CDW or Collision Damage Waiver mean?
Please refer to our insurance details which can be found here.

Payment Methods

Can I use a debit card?
Yes, you can pay for your rental and all extras using your debit card. However, when using a debit card the security deposit amount is actually taken from the card, whereas a credit card payment method allows us to only secure funds.

How can I pay for my rental?
If you have booked on-line, the rental amount will be taken from your debit /credit card at the time of booking and the security deposit will be debited/secured from your debit/credit card when you collect your rental vehicle. For non-online bookings, the security deposit and rental charges will be required at time of collection. We accept all major credit and debit cards, at this time we do not accept American Express. We also do not accept payment by cash or cheque.


Can I check rates without making a reservation?
Yes, you may check the rates online and also check vehicle availability.

How is my rental calculated?
Your total rental rate is calculated, based on the information provided at time of booking. It will be based on the length of booking, the age of the driver, the type of vehicle booked and any extras selected. The rate will be based on using our comprehensive insurance with our standard excess, unless you have selected the CDW option to reduce the insurance excess liability.

Is insurance included in the rate quoted?
Yes, we always quote inclusive of insurance and VAT.

Is there a mileage limit for my rental?
All our rentals currently have unlimited mileage for retail customers. Business customers should refer to their rental agreement for the miles included and the additional charges thereafter.