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BMW K 1300 S at Marshall BMW Motorrad

The BMW K1300 S offers a unique blend of superbike performance with everyday usability and suitability.

Iconic design

The K1300 S sets the foundations for the R model sports bikes within the BMW range.

You get sharp lines, an angular fuel tank and a large headlight housing, giving the K1300 S aggressive looks and presence that can match the performance.

The integrated front indicators in the mirrors along with the sculpted windshield create a smooth profile and an aesthetically pleasing front view. Combine this with a well-designed driver cockpit, and you’ll want to just hop on and ride.

K1300 S has three colour choices: Light Grey metallic, Lava Orange metallic and Sapphire Black/Granite Grey/Magma Red.

New BMW K 1300 S, Side View, White
New BMW K 1300 S, Side View, White
New BMW K 1300 S, Side View, Grey

Ultimate personalisation

Your K1300 S comes with ABS as standard, to ensure you can always come safely to a stop.

You can opt for the new Electronic Suspension Adjustment 2 system, which will allow you to adapt riding modes at the touch of a button, even while on the move. The system will give you three damper settings – Comfort, Normal and Sport – to adjust the riding dynamics accordingly.

If you often go for long rides, you could choose the heated grips to ensure your hands stay warm at all times.

Dynamic performance

The K1300 S uses a liquid-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine that produces 175bhp and 140Nm, which alone are impressive figures. But more importantly is the way the power is delivered. The new engine has been overhauled to offer torque in the part of the power band you most frequent, the low to mid-range.

You K1300 S contains a new lighter wishbone, which helps with suspension response whilst ensuring ride quality isn’t compromised. 

New BMW K 1300 S, Side View, Grey
New BMW K 1300 S, Side View, Blue
New BMW K 1300 S, Side View, White

​Motorsport edition

BMW introduced a special Motorsport edition of the K1300 S. With this you get athletic racing coloured paint, finished in Black Story metallic and Light White non-metallic with the accentuation colour Lupin Blue metallic. This gives the bike an unmistakable and easily recognisable look.

The Motorsport edition brings with it an HP footrest system that allows the rider to customise with individual setting options and it’s narrower than standard for greater turning freedom. Its forged wheels help to reduce weight and offer improved handling capabilities. 

You also get a hand-made Akrapovič silencer, which is made of titanium and produces a throaty and powerful sound as well helping to reduce weight.

The K1300 S Motorsport also gives you Automatic Stability Control, which means you can use the available power more safely and provides increased riding safety. The electronic suspension with Dynamic ESA provides a very secure ride, so contact between your tyres and the road is improved through the use of spring travel sensors. 


  • Red Dot Award 2013, Product Design 2013 Competition

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