Finance Insurance Options

As soon as your brand new car drives off the forecourt, its value will drop. In the event of an accident, your insurance payout will reflect this decrease in value, even if you still owe most or all of your finance agreement. In the event of an insurance write off, our Marshall Asset Protection will instead help you to get the original purchase price you paid for it. That means you can afford to replace your car with a brand new one.
Let us help to protect your paintwork against pollutants and the weather with our world class DuPont Fluoropolymers, helping you retain the cars showroom look and feel for longer. Our services can also assist in the prevention of fabric staining and unpleasant odours caused from accidental spillages.
Some dents and scrapes can literally take the shine off your car’s ownership, but aren’t serious enough to warrant making a claim through your car insurance. Instead of forking out the excess or risk losing your No Claims Bonus, our cosmetic repair insurance helps you keep your car in showroom condition.
Alloy wheels play a major role in your car’s appearance; they make a car look sportier and more luxurious. But even the world's best driver is not exempt from kerbing their alloys when parking, and replacing or repairing an alloy wheel can become very expensive. Our alloy wheel insurance is designed to ensure your vehicle stays in fantastic condition - even if you’re not a fantastic parker.
Tyres are one of those things that are easy to forget about until they need replacing. A new set of tyres is something we all have to plan for occasionally, but an unplanned replacement can really put a dent in your wallet. Protect yourself against punctures or malicious damage with our Tyre Insurance.
Modern cars are extremely complex with thousands of sophisticated moving and electronic parts. This means that should anything go wrong, the cost of repairs and roadside recovery can come as an unexpected and nasty surprise. Our Care Warranty provides peace of mind, especially if you’re buying a used car and the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired.
Getting stuck at the roadside can be distressing, not to mention expensive. If your car breaks down for any reason, Marshall Assist - included free as part of your Marshall Care Warranty - will ensure a professional is available to come and help. Whether you’re at the roadside or stuck at home, you’ll be covered. And if your car can’t be fixed, nationwide recovery is available to get you home or to a garage (if you prefer).
The annual MOT test is one of the most unpredictable and fear-inducing aspects of driving a car that’s over three years old. Take the fear away by letting us cover the cost of replacing or repairing many of the major mechanical parts that would otherwise leave you with a hefty bill. Cover includes the steering, suspension and braking system, and comes free with your Marshall Care Warranty.
Servicing is an important part of car ownership, but often seen as expensive - especially if you’re having to pay for each service in one go. Our flexible Service Plan takes care of this problem, allowing you to spread the cost of your servicing with manageable, fixed-price monthly payments - just like you would any other household bill.