Marshall Service Plan

Easy, Affordable and Flexible servicing from Marshall

Budgeting is much easier when you can spread the cost of something - it’s the reason most of us pay for things like our electricity, TV license and mobile phone monthly. Now, that goes for your car’s scheduled servicing too.

Servicing is a fundamentally important part of vehicle maintenance, and sticking to the recommended schedule can ensure your car not only runs safely but is worth more come resale time. But forking out for your schedule in a lump sum can really throw things out of whack, especially if you’re running a tight ship.

Choose a Marshall Service Plan and that's all taken care of. You can spread the cost over fixed, monthly payments - and that’s just the start of the benefits.


What’s included?

10 percent off all mechanical repairs, tyres & labour

10 percent off all accessories, including fitting

£30 MOTs for the duration of the policy

Free wash and vacuum on every servicing visit

Free puncture repairs

Free seasonal checks​


What if my servicing needs change?

If circumstances mean, for instance, your mileage increases and you car consequently needs more frequent servicing, your plan can be adjusted accordingly.

What happens if I sell my car?

Your Service Plan can be transferred to your new car, along with all the benefits.

What if I move miles away from the dealership?

If you move house, your Service Plan can be used at any Marshall dealership.