Marshall Mercedes-Benz Corporate and Business Department

Dedicated to your business requirements.

Dedicated to your business requirements.

Zoe Lawson
Group Corporate Sales Manager
M: 07900 161606

Marshall Corporate Sales

We have been in operation since 2009 and since that time has grown the fleet business to supply in excess of 10,000 vehicles in 2014.

Building on the success of Marshall Motor Group, Marshall Corporate Sales is able to offer to fleet customers an extensive range of franchised cars and commercial vehicles, as well as being able to utilise the scale of the growing Dealer network to supply vehicles as quickly as possible.

Flexible Buying Solutions

Our customers want a proactive service. Most would like us to significantly reduce their workload. For us this means listening and advising you with brand choices and purchasing methods.

Supply Process

Marshall Corporate Sales operates via 16 specialist Dealership corporate hubs. Each hub is given a strict set of procedures to follow to ensure a consistent level of service is provided, regardless of the brand that they are supplying.

With the most up-to-date product knowledge and expertise, they are well equipped to offer advice on the most suitable vehicle for an individual or businesses needs. Highly experienced Fleet Administrators are employed to manage the day-to-day enquiries, orders and deliveries.

“Our Group Corporate Sales Team is committed to bringing the best of the Marshall experience and values to the Fleet market.”

Richard Baird
Head of New Business Development
M: 07930 436016

Marshall Leasing

We offer a management experience which is intuitive, accurate, and always supports the fleet decision maker. We provide advice, implementation, reportage and accountability.


Of course this means listening, discussing, advising and formulating an internal and external car policy that best suits your business requirements.

Increasingly, businesses understand that fleet management is not just a financial consideration but also involves Human Resources and employees.

We suggest that you take into account the Health & Safety aspects of fleet housekeeping as well as looking at cost reduction objectives.


We see outsourcing as a product almost in its own right. From the moment you establish a relationship with Marshall Leasing we begin providing fleet support. Today many clients want us to go the extra mile and relieve them of the entire administration burden.

Our methodology for developing a bespoke outsourcing arrangement is based around the creation of your internal and external fleet policy