XR stands for the uncompromising combination of athleticism and long-distance performance: Adrenaline for days, curve for curve. On the new F 900 XR, you can keep hunting these curves without stopping – kilometre for kilometre. Even its thrilling design promises pure performance. While the upright relaxed sitting position and the wind and weather protector show: Only one person decides when your ride is over – you.

Thanks to the full assortment of equipment, you are just as well-equipped for sport and travel as you are for the city. The F 900 XR is the bike that matches you and your sporty attitude. #NeverStopChallenging


​Clear body language – the unmistakable XR.

The motivation of the F 900 XR can be seen at the very first glance. The striking LED light guides of the newly developed headlight emphasise the commanding nature of the F 900 XR – a feeling that you know best. The fairing builds further upon this dynamic excitement. Precise edges define its aggressive design. The slim and visually short tail invokes the athletic energy of this long-distance performer.

Expressive colours.

The three colour variants highlight the precisely set beading and defined surfaces of the F 900 XR. All variants have one thing in common: pure forward thrust.

Sport style: Racing red. The dynamically aggressive red contrasts with the technical seeming Granite Grey Metallic Matt and shows: The heart of an athlete beats in you. Which your F 900 XR already exemplifies. The short Sport windshield and the gold anodised fork tubes underline the dynamism of this motorcycle.

Base colour: Light white. Tank cover and radiator grille in Granite Grey Metallic Matt with silver rims: Cool, determined, puristic; draw the gaze of others to you.

Exclusive style: Galvanic gold metallic. The Exclusive style is an absolute eye-catcher. The black rims let the brilliant Galvanic gold metallic positively shine. The tank cover and radiator grille contrast in Granite Grey Metallic Matt. Ride confidently on your F 900 XR all day – with its hand guards enabling you to hit any curve you like.

XR from the beginning: The A2 variant of the F 900 XR.

Are you just about there? That’s no reason to give up on intuitive handling and long distances: The A2 compliant 95 hp variant of the F 900 XR can be reduced to 48hp so that you can ride with an A2 driving license.​

Upright and relaxed.

At the end of the day, you’ve put in just the right number of kilometres onto the odometer and have just enough in your bones: The ergonomics of the F 900 XR. It is completely designed for sporty long-distance performance. Take on curve after curve behind its protective front fairing. Maximum variability is the rule here, with seat heights from 775 to 870 mm, as well as a fully adjustable hand lever and flexible two-level windshield. The optimal position of the footrest and seat enables your passenger to join in on the passion for every kilometre.

Your resting heart rate: 92 Nm.

The racing line before your eyes and your gaze far ahead, you take every curve calmly and confidently. One after the other, again and again. Just typical #NeverStopChallenging. Well, if this insatiable desire for every straightaway, this drive to always go further, meet the right partners: The high-torque two cylinder in-line engine of the F 900 XR delivers between 4,500 and 8,500 rpm for 87 Nm. The optional Dynamic ESA delivers optimal suspension comfort and very stable handling. Those who press forward like this leave the others behind.

Systematic safety.

Numerous other innovations ensure a pleasant and relaxed ride. The Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Engine Braking Control (EBC) deliver more safety for emergency braking and for abrupt releases of the accelerator as well as sudden downshifts.

Visionary – literally.

The F 900 XR is setting standards when it comes to illumination. It has an adaptive cornering light – available for the first time in the mid-range segment. Placed in the newly developed striking LED headlamps, it provides perfect illumination for corners at a 7° angle: an obvious plus when riding at nights or with poor lighting conditions.


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