The BMW R 1250 RS is a powerful sports touring bike. Characterised by its two-cylinder boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology, it already visually embodies sporty dominance and unadulterated driving pleasure. Thanks to the wind and weather protection as well as the relaxed sitting position and assistance systems, you can enjoy every corner and every kilometre – whether alone or with a companion. Every punch of your boxer drives you forward  – every single time. On every journey and every dynamic intermediate sprint. You demand more with confidence and faith – and the bike delivers. Simply put: #NeverStopChallenging.



Sporty, slim single seater

Optional and minimal: The single seater also visually underlines the dynamic potential of the R 1250 RS and ensures a sporty, slim finish.

Informative Corescreen Sport

Relevant information directly in the field of vision: the Corescreen Sport informs you about your current and maximum inclination or about DTC interventions as well as the strength of the brake intervention.

Comfortable tubular handlebars

Wider and higher than the standard version: The optional tubular handlebars provide a more relaxed and upright sitting position. For anyone who likes to stay on the road for longer and travel further.

Comfortable heated seat

Essential for cold and long journeys: Five heating levels for the rider, and two heating levels for the passenger. And, using the hotkey, you can apply the last heating setting used with the press of a button.

Practical USB charging socket

Never be without again: The additional USB port is perfect for charging your smartphone when it is low on power. The socket is easily accessible, short-circuit proof, and protected from water.

Proven 12 V charging socket

Simply practical: the 12-volt charging socket enables you to supply external power consumers at the rear of the bike.

Striking LED daytime riding lights

Safe and concise: The daytime riding lights increase passive safety and can be switched automatically or manually. The iconic crescent-shaped LED light guides create maximum recognition value.

Greater safety as standard thanks to DTC and ABS Pro

Greater driving stability and dynamics: Dynamic Traction Control prevents the rear wheel from spinning when the grip changes and ABS Pro supports braking thanks to tilt detection.


Longer journeys, fewer stops

The efficient Eco driving mode is now added to the Rain and Road driving modes as standard. This gives you the choice between efficient driving and the usual dynamic sportiness. The status display in the 6.5" TFT display shows you the selected setting. And the new optional Pro riding modes with Dynamic and Dynamic Pro ensure more performance on your tour.

More power in every situation

The boxer engine with proven BMW ShiftCam technology has two different intake camshaft profiles. Thanks to its variable camshaft control, the drive impresses with superior running smoothness, high efficiency or impressive torque development depending on the requirements: for truly powerful acceleration. The increase up to the maximum torque of 143 Nm can be felt in every speed range: in sprints in the fast lane, as well as during powerful acceleration out of bends.


More choices

One boxer, three faces. From classic, purist to sporty, dynamic to striking elegance: each of the three colour combinations perfectly expresses the incomparable dynamic sports touring character of the R 1250 RS.

Sporty from front to rear

From the striking front end with the iconic daytime riding lights and the newly designed LED flashing turn indicators, to the high windscreen and full trim panel, right through to the short, sporty, slim single seater: The R 1250 RS is a pure sports touring bike. Confident and safe. Performance-oriented and dominant. Comfortable and hungry for curves. Just as the bike’s lines promise. Just the way you want it.


Every R 1250 RS combines sportiness and suitability for touring. Now it’s up to you to decide where your journey will take you – in the truest sense of the word. We have put together three package solutions that are specifically tailored to your preferences.


Do you see every straight as a run-up to the next corner? Our dynamics package supports you in your desire for power.

With Dynamic and Dynamic Pro, the Pro riding modes offer you two purely performance-oriented programmes.

Engine drag torque control prevents your rear wheel from slipping or skidding, giving you greater stability and control.

The shift assistant Pro enables upshifting and downshifting without actuating the clutch.

The Dynamic ESA offers a wide range between comfort and pure sportiness. With its automatic control of damping and spring pre-load, it ensures the best traction even when leaning.


With the comfort package, you can tackle every tour with ease. All that matters here is making your ride easy and enjoyable, before you even hop on.

Thanks to Keyless Ride, you can start your bike with your key in your pocket - without spending ages searching for the key.

In addition, this package includes the tyre pressure control (RDC) as well as heated handles to keep your fingers nice and warm.

And if you want to make your bike really stand out, you can opt for the chrome exhaust system or the chrome manifold.


If you really enjoy the journey and the time on your bike, you may want to keep going for few kilometres more, and the tour package ensures comfortable travel.

And, of course, this package includes a holder for a navigation device as well as cruise control.

And the centre stand keeps your bike steady and secure, even with heavy bags hanging on both case holders.


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