Each tour is determined by two factors: the time and the distance. With the BMW R 1250 RS you can get more track out of every tour. The rich 143 Nm torque and 100 kW (136 hp) of the boxer engine accelerate you even faster to your cruising speed. The innovative BMW ShiftCam technology offers you more torque and impressive elasticity over the entire speed range. So you can rocket to an impressive sprint on the asphalt in every riding situation. The redesigned front gives the full-LED headlight a fresh, sporty look and turns aerodynamically into the wind. This way, you can ride fast and comfortably at any time. One thing is certain - no matter how much road you leave behind in a certain time: with the R 1250 RS your riding pleasure grows with every metre you ride.


Choose your style.

With different colour variations and styles, you look good at any speed.

Black storm metallic. With the basic version in classic Black storm metallic, you turn the day into night. Silver elements such as footrests and handlebar add brilliant highlights.

Style Sport. Extroverted and dynamic, here comes the Style Sport. Austin yellow metallic matt is an absolute eye-catcher. The engine spoiler made of stainless steel complements the compact and sporty look.

Style Exclusive. With imperial blue metallic, the message is exclusivity. Elegant appearances are guaranteed with its dark overall impression. Golden brake calipers, the exclusive lettering and the tank cover in stainless steel bear witness to the highest quality.

Option 719 Stardust metallic. The BMW Motorrad Special paint Option 719 Stardust metallic gives the machine an individual and unique-looking shine. Depending on the incidence of light, fascinating effects are repeatedly revealed. The high-quality look is rounded off by the engine spoiler and tank cover in stainless steel.

Sportiness meets ergonomics.

The R 1250 RS combines sportiness with touring ability. The completely revised front including new engine spoiler emphasises the dynamic overall impression of the Sport Tourer. The symmetrical layout of the twin headlights gives the R 1250 RS a balanced and modern look. The handlebar geometry ensures a sporty sitting position. 

Full power ahead.

BMW ShiftCam is the name of the innovative technology that lets you accelerate faster from any speed. This is achieved by means of a variable camshaft control system. The increase to 100 kW (136 hp) gives you more power and, with the capacity expansion to 1254 ccm, the possibility to make another sprint in the fast lane. The increase in torque (max. 143 Nm) is noticeable in every rpm range, so that typical boxer punch and pure riding pleasure are guaranteed. 


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