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For 40 years, the BMW GS has combined versatility and boundless adventure. We are celebrating that this year with the "40 Years GS" edition of the G 310 GS. In the black and yellow look of the legendary R 100 GS, it brings the GS history to life: spontaneous, light-hearted and equipped with the typical GS Flyline. Thanks to Ride by Wire, it will confidently take you through the city and beyond. With this bike, you can clock up those miles effortlessly, experience pure riding fun from the first turn of the throttle grip – and feel the #SpiritOfGS in every mile.


Unique design for the anniversary: Inspired by the R 100 GS and nicknamed “Bumblebee”, its black-yellow look is truly striking. Striking design elements turn the legendary look into a true eye-catcher and let the bike shine in the gleam of over 40 years of GS history.

An Image Showing the ​40 Years GS Lettering in Yellow - Featuring on the Delightful BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
An Image Showing the ​Swinging Arm, Chain Guard and Footrest in Black, Featuring on the Stylish BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
The Typical GS Flyline in Yellow and Black Look of the Smashing BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
The Black Tank and Handlebars, Featuring on the BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"

40 Years GS lettering in striking yellow

The lettering “40 Years GS” makes the heritage of this machine unmistakably clear.

Swinging arm, chain guard and footrest in black

Gives your bike stability and protection, while you benefit from proper support, both standing and sitting. 

Typical GS Flyline in yellow and black look

Eye-catching design elements in yellow highlight the unmistakable GS Flyline of the G 310 GS in glossy Cosmic black – and are reminiscent of the legendary R 100 GS "Bumblebee".

Black tank and handlebars

Emphasise the distinctive shape and design of the G 310 GS.

The Black Windscreen of the Extraordinary BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
The ​Engine Block in Black of the Amazing BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
An Image Showing the ​​Tapes in Striking Yellow of the Sublime BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
An Image Showing the ​​​Black Rims on the Up-Market BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"

Black windscreen

The sporty windscreen in black provides a dynamic finish.

Engine block in black

The single-cylinder engine with Ride by Wire provides an assertive throttle response and convinces through and through in monochrome black.

Tapes in striking yellow

Make your machine an eye-catcher.

Black rims

The black rims complete the unique look of your GS.

An Image Showing the Fetching BMW G 310 G/S on a Dusty Road at Sunset


Outside “40 Years GS Edition", inside all G 310 GS: With its modern technical features and comfortable GS ergonomics, it will take you to any destination in a relaxed manner. Adjustable clutch and brake levers now adapt it even better to your individual needs. Learn everything there is to know about the many features and variants of the G 310 GS.


An Image Showing the Gorgeous BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition" on a Dusty Road at Sunset


From Africa to Central Asia: the GS has been everywhere in the world in 40 years. A motorcycle that has mastered every terrain and every road – powerful and bold despite the elements. The GS is the pioneer of the dual-sport motorcycle.

  • 1980 Launch of the first GS model, the R 80 G/S
  • 6 GS generation with numerous model variants
  • 40 Years of unique experiences with the GS legend
  • 1.2 Over 1.2 million GS models have been built to date

No path too impassable, no destination too far: The GS stands for a world full of challenges and hunger for the next adventure - it is made for real explorers. It's been the perfect touring bike right from the start. With the “Adventure” series, BMW continues to drive innovation forward, equipping the GS even better for long journeys around the globe. It is robust, versatile and effortless to handle. For 40 years, it has been the right partner for real challenges.

An Image Showing the Delightful BMW R 80 G/S, Which Paved the Way to the BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
An Image Showing the Magnificent BMW R 80 G/S, Which Paved the Way to the BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
An Image Showing the Sublime BMW R 100 G/S, Which Paved the Way to the BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"
An Image Showing the Sublime BMW R 1150 G/S Adventure, Which Paved the Way to the BMW G 310 G/S "40 Years GS Edition"

From off-road sport to the road
1978 to 1980:

In 1978, BMW Motorrad attracted attention with a predecessor to the first GS: The GS 80 takes in two gold medals at the International Six Days Enduro. The bike had been developed by an in-house team of developers without an official order. But its success proved the engineers and mechanics right: Their bike made it truly enjoyable to ride both off-road and on-road. It was released to the market in 1980 under a slightly different name, the BMW R 80 G/S.​

Its rise begins
1980 to 1987:

With the GS, BMW Motorrad created the perfect synthesis of off-road and on-road driving: Regardless of surface type, riders have control over their bikes in every situation while also enjoying maximum comfort on long routes. The highlight is the monolever single-sided swinging arm, which is the first to be installed on a motorcycle worldwide. This reduces the weight and enables the rear wheel to be changed quickly. With the R 80 G/S , BMW Motorrad created the segment for large, comfortable dual-sport motorcycles – a segment that it still dominates today.​

The GS gains momentum: more displacement, more power
1987 to 1996:

The new top model, the R 100 GS, focuses on a lot of displacement: it is the most powerful and fastest enduro on the market. The paralever dual-pivot swinging arm on the rear wheel ensures effortless handling off-road and on-road. With its striking black-yellow paint, it is known as “Bumblebee”. The colour is still hugely popular among fans today and decorates this year's special edition “40 Years GS” model.

A new chapter in dual-sport motorcycles
1994 to 2003:

The GS is on its way to being an icon while continuously changing: In 1994, the first enduro with a four-valve boxer engine appears with the R 1100 GS. The bike is popular because it handles well off road and performs perfectly on long tours. The concept is purposefully further developed with touring in mind and, in 2002, adapted even more to the needs of long-distance travellers with the R 1150 GS Adventure – the Adventure series is born.​


A Woman Biker Racer Posing beside Her F 800 G/S
A Couple Riding Their BMW R1200 G/S through a Long and Dusty Road
A Rider, Riding His BMW R1250 G/S on a Dirt Track, Mud Splashing-up as He Rides



From one-cylinder to two-cylinder
2000 to 2008:

The very popular and novice-friendly “Funduro” models, the F 650 and F 650 ST, have their engines reworked at the beginning of the new millennium. Thanks to the water-cooled single-cylinder assembly, F 650 GS and F 650 GS Dakar riders have enough drive for everyday riding as well as that typical enduro feeling. In 2008, the F 650 GS and F 800 GS, both completely redesigned enduro models, are equipped with a liquid-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine. The means pure adventure, even in the mid-range segment.​

From air-cooled to water-cooled boxer engine
2004 to 2017:

In 2004 BMW Motorrad re-released the R 1200 GS. The bike is given more displacement, power, and torque, making it even more dynamic on any terrain while weighing 30 kilograms less at the same time. A new era begins almost ten years later, when BMW Motorrad engineers equip the R 1200 GS with a water-cooled boxer engine – something that had never been done before. The bike also has a semi-active suspension with Dynamic ESA (electronic suspension adjustment), which takes handling and riding comfort to a new level.

The GS becomes even stronger

In the following years, BMW Motorrad continued to build on the GS legend. The popular R 1250 GS appears with a redeveloped two-cylinder boxer engine: Thanks to its variable BMW ShiftCam camshaft control, it provides more power in all speed ranges and makes the GS even more effortless. In addition, the mid-range F 750 GS and F 850 GS models undergo constant development and make riding more enjoyable with their larger displacement and modified chassis.



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