The optional accessory BMW Motorrad Connectivity provides motorcyclists with an innovative solution for daily navigation, using multimedia and riding-related information with the clearest layout and intuitive operations: connecting the motorcycle, smartphone and helmet via Bluetooth results in completely new possibilities. The multi-controller ensures that the functions are easy to operate at all times. The traditional electronic instrument cluster gives way to a large, clear TFT-display, which gives the rider constant access to navigation, phone calls, media and additional vehicle information as well as information that was previously displayed, such as speed and revs. On top of this, there are more additional functions available with the free BMW Motorrad Connected App. Connectivity gives motorcyclists the opportunity to focus on what really matters: the streets waiting to be discovered.



Smartphone-based navigation: leading the way.

Using the Connectivity optional accessory in conjunction with the BMW Motorrad Connected App makes every day navigation even easier - using the connection between your smartphone and vehicle, you are directed clearly and reliably to your destination by the turn-by-turn arrows shown on the TFT-display. Even in urban settings, the new arrow display is intuitive and expedient. When there is no mobile network, offline maps can also be used for navigation. For challenging tours, you can also use the tried-and-tested BMW Motorrad Navigator, which of course is compatible with the TFT-display.

Making phone calls is easy, even while riding.

The combination of a helmet with BMW Motorrad communications system and the Connectivity optional accessory allows you to make phone calls during your journey. The rider has full access to his smartphone's contact list using the TFT-display and can select and call contacts via the multi-controller. Incoming calls are also shown on the display and can be accepted or declined with a simple hand movement. Riding-related information such as speed and gear are visible on the clear display at all times thanks to the unique BMW Motorrad visual display concept.​



Media: Relaxed riding with the right song.

You can easily play the music saved on your smartphone via the TFT-display using the Connectivity optional accessory. Having your helmet connected to the BMW Motorrad communications system ensures you get the perfect tone. If you don't like a particular track, you have direct access to the skip forward/skip back functions.  With the BMW Motorrad communications system, you can also easily adjust the volume - and also the mute function- via the multi-controller. So that every rider has control of their soundtrack en route.

BMW Motorrad Connected app: Route planning and navigation made easy.

With the BMW Motorrad Connected app, you get even more from your trips – and from your smartphone. Whether you are planning your route, navigating, or looking for info on your tour: The app's easy to use interface directly on the handlebar keeps you well informed and safe while you ride. Use the convenient route planning feature to put together your dream route with waypoints. Or import routes as GPX files to the BMW Motorrad Connected app. With the "Winding routes" option, you can discover new stretches of road that are especially fun to ride on your bike. Maps can be downloaded for offline use at no cost. The navigation feature also provides exactly the assistance bikers need: Accurate directions via arrow navigation or voice command, precise route guidance, and current traffic data are a matter of course. The same goes for displaying speed limits and searching for points of interest. You can also view information about the current weather using the app.

All the info about your trips at a glance.

For the perfect trip, once is never enough. Which is why the app lets you record and review your route and vehicle data as well as analyse values like the incline, speed, or acceleration. You can export your route as a GPX file and share trips and photos on social media or Rever while on the go. Practical displays such as mileage, fuel level and remaining range, tyre pressure and pending servicing needs complete the list of features. But this is just the beginning. We are constantly refining the app: for even more convenience and riding enjoyment.




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