Navigator VI. The perfect partner for pleasurable motorcycle tours.

Marshall BMW Motorrad Grimsby.


Freshly released to run alongside the Navigator V, the new BMW Motorrad Navigator VI is leading the way in motorbike navigation; with a host of new features tucked inside the existing 5” display, the Navigator VI promises an even more personal way to travel.

Easier to read in strong or even direct sunlight, the Navigator VI provides perfect clarity, wherever you may roam. Internal storeage has been increased from 8 GB to 16 GB for the EU/US versions, allowing even more space for saved data and customisable preferences. Be it enjoyment or efficiency, the Navigator VI is built entirely around your own priorities; a “Winding Roads” option allows you to take the scenic route and avoid congested areas, while a new “Avoid Main Roads” function adds to the existing “Avoid Motorways” option. In addition, a “Round Trip” function allows for journeys to be created using specific times, distances and interim destinations, with a wide variety of ways to form personalised excursions – just how you like it.

For a little extra ambiance, a “Natural Guidance” option can provide precise descriptions of surroundings, while a “Music Streaming” feature works with Bluetooth to allow you to listen to music stored on your smartphone.


BMW Motorrad, Featuring the Navigator VI


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