Castrol MAGNATEC Oil Top Up

Castrol MAGNATEC’s intelligent molecules, now ultra-refined, for protection you can see, hear and feel.

Up to 75% of engine wear occurs as your engine warms up, so it's essential your car is protected from the start. Castrol's Intelligent Molecules cling and bond to critical engine parts, providing protection before, during and after your journey*.

Castrol - leading the fight against engine wear

If you care about your car you'll want to keep it in the best possible condition. Regular servicing and maintenance have a big part to play but there's a simple thing you can do to reduce engine wear. Switch to Castrol and your engine's critical parts will be protected at all times. The unique formulation with Castrol ultra-refined intelligent molecules is designed to cling to your engine parts, dramatically reducing warm-up wear and leaving critical parts up to 15x smoother**, for protection you can see, hear and feel.

Castrol is a synthetic engine oil that's suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. The product range includes Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-30 A1, Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-30 A3/B4, and Castrol MAGNATEC 10W-40 A3/B4.

Make sure you are topped up, protected and have a handy top up pack for when you need it.


* Instant protection from the moment you turn the key. This statement is supported by the improvement in where provided by Castrol MAGNATEC’s Intelligent Molecules in the industry Sequence IVA engine test, and by the verification that the molecules cling to, and remain on metal surfaces, thereby providing a layer of protection when the engine starts up, before bulk oil has reached the critical engine parts.

Wear improvement
Current API and ILSAC specifications are used globally to define oil quality. An important part of these specifications is the Sequence IVA wear test, part of ILSAC GF-5 and API SN, which examines wear under warm-up conditions.

Castrol tested two oils in the Sequence IVA engine test at an external test laboratory, one with MAGNATEC Intelligent Molecules, and the other was the same oil, but without MAGNATEC Intelligent Molecules. The wear results from these results are summarised below:

With Without
Viscosity Grade 5W-30 5W-30
IVA Wear 19.58 107.13

There is significantly less wear evident with the oil with Castrol MAGNATEC Intelligent Molecules.

** 15 times smoother. This statement is supported by service profile measurement of the cams generated from the sequence IVA tests. The cam lobes were measured at the Castrol Technology Centre at Pangbourne for service roughness in a Taylor Hobson Talysurf machine. The results of these measurements are summarised below:

With Without
Viscosity Grade 5W-30 5W-30
RA 0.072 1.141