Approved Jaguar parts from Marshall

When your car is in need of a new part, don’t settle for anything less than pure Jaguar. Marshall Jaguar is an official supplier of manufacturer-approved parts and you can choose from an extensive range of fixtures for your car.

Only by purchasing genuine parts can you be assured that your Jaguar will perform as it should. They are designed to fit and work specifically for each model, and they help your car to retain more of its resale value in the future.

Not only are the parts we supply approved by Jaguar, they also come with a 12-month warranty for extra peace of mind once you leave the showroom.

You can also choose from an extensive collection of genuine Jaguar accessories that help to enhance your time on the road. Perhaps you would like your Jaguar to look ultra-sporty with extra chrome fittings, or maybe the convenience of extra stowage inside appeals to you? There’s bound to be an accessory that tempts.

We’ll do more than simply order your part for you; we’ll also track the order and fit the part for you once it arrives. Trained by Jaguar, our expert technicians can make sure it is fitted correctly.

Find out which parts and accessories you can buy or speak to the team about an order by calling us or enquiring online using the form at the link below.

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