Marshall Insurance Claims

Your Choice

Ease the stress of your accident with Marshall’s insurance claims services. At our various locations across the UK, our staff will be ready to give you an honest and fair quote where you are under no obligation. Whether or not you are at fault and no matter how serious the claim, Marshall are here to give you the choice and get results.

When making a claim on their insurance provider, many customers encounter problems. Regardless of what your insurance company may tell you, you are under no obligation whatsoever to use their approved repairer when your vehicle needs attention. From poor-quality repair services to damaging the validity of the manufacturer warranty, some garages do not offer a high enough standard to satisfy the customer.

At Marshall, we strongly believe in providing our customers with an excellent repair service, so that your vehicle can maintain its industry standard and you get the best results first time. We are proud to represent up to 25 manufacturers including Audi, Mercesdes-Benz, Peugeot and Nissan and cover regions from the south through to the north of England.

Our friendly and professional team can put your mind at rest and will offer the most competitive rates on the market. You can choose either At Fault or Non Fault for your insurance claim. Click the links below to access the relevant information.