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24/7 Accident Assistance.
Complimentary service for Marshall Motor Group customers.

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If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. Our accident repair service ensures any repairs to your vehicle are performed to manufacturer specifications using our qualified technicians and genuine parts. Our team will also do everything they can to take away the stress and inconvenience of a vehicle accident.

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How does it work?

Simply call our dealership on 0800 531 6054 and provide details about the accident, the third party and any witnesses and, if you were not at fault, we will:

1. Provide you with a comparable vehicle

2. Recover your vehicle if it is legally undrivable

3. Organise your repairs and liaise with your insurer and the third party.

4. Handle any uninsured losses and any personal injury claim for you saving you the hassle of pursuing it yourself.

5. Monitor the repairs of your vehicle keeping you fully updated through our online claims portal.

You just collect your vehicle when repairs are complete. It really is that straightforward. It’s your right to choose!

What to do at the scene of an accident.

1. STOP YOUR CAR after any accident. You are required to do this by law.

2. SWITCH ON HAZARD LIGHTS to warn other traffic.

3. CHECK FOR INJURIES and call 999 immediately if medical assistance is needed.

4. EXCHANGE DETAILS with the other driver(s) involved. This should include your names, contact details and vehicle details.

5. ASK FOR WITNESS DETAILS before people leave the scene as they may be impossible to get later. Take names, addresses and contact numbers for all independent witnesses.

6. DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY regardless of how guilty you personally feel about the accident. There are mitigating factors to consider such as positioning on a roundabout. You may not actually have caused the accident even if you think you did.

7. CAPTURE FURTHER DETAILS such as weather conditions, whether another vehicle was signalling at the correct time and positioning on a roundabout as these are crucial to determining the outcome of an insurance claim. If you have camera or camera phone takes pictures at the scene before the cars are moved.

8. CHECK YOUR VEHICLE is legal and safe before driving away from the scene. If it isn't safe to be driven, you'll need to get your vehicle recovered by Marshall Accident Aftercare Response. Call: 0800 531 6054.

Call Marshall Motor Group Accident Aftercare on 0800 531 6054​ 

In the event of an accident...
help is on hand.

It's your car. It's your call.

24/7 Accident Assistance.
A complimentary service for Marshall Motor Group customers.

Call: 0800 531 6054

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