New 2024 Motorcycle Range


Embrace the exhilarating power of the all-new CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, engineered to conquer every race track and open road with an unparalleled balance of performance and precision. Enhanced mid-range power, revised gear ratios, and Two Motor Throttle By Wire control deliver an unmatched surge of acceleration, ensuring you're always at the forefront of dynamic cornering. 

Experience the thrill of every RPM with pinpoint throttle responsiveness, while weight savings throughout the bike and updated fairing winglets elevate your performance to new heights. Whether you're seeking exhilarating racetrack dominance or the thrill of open-road adventure, the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade is the embodiment of unadulterated racing spirit.


The Honda CBR650R is a sportbike that strikes a balance between exhilarating performance and everyday practicality. 

Its potent 649cc engine delivers a smooth and linear power delivery, while its aggressive styling and advanced technology enhance the overall riding experience. Whether you're seeking weekend thrills or reliable commutes, the CBR650R is a versatile option that embodies Honda's legacy of engineering excellence.


The iconic Honda CBR600RR roars back for 2024, reborn with a 119-hp screamer engine, MotoGP-inspired aerodynamics, and a comprehensive electronics suite borrowed from its bigger brother, the CBR1000RR. 

This isn't just a refresh; it's a full-on assault on the middleweight super sport class, armed with razor-sharp handling, cornering ABS, and enough track-focused tech to satisfy even the most dedicated racer. Expect blisteringly fast laps and exhilarating street rides, all wrapped in a menacing, aerodynamic package that screams pure performance. The CBR600RR is back, and it's ready to reclaim its crown.


The CBR500R's liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine delivers a smooth and linear power that's well-suited for both city commutes and weekend excursions. Its lightweight frame and precise handling make it easy to manoeuvre around town, while its aggressive styling and comfortable riding position make it a joy to ride for extended periods. 

Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking a more affordable option or a new rider looking to experience the thrill of a sport bike, the CBR500R is an excellent choice.


The Honda CB650R, a middleweight sport bike, offers a blend of thrilling performance and everyday practicality. Driven by a potent 649cc inline four-cylinder engine, it delivers a smooth and linear power delivery, suitable for carving corners or powering through city traffic.

The engine’s responsive character and precise throttle control make it a pleasure to ride, while its generous torque reserves ensure ample overtaking power and effortless acceleration.

CB500 Hornet

The Honda CB500 Hornet is a naked streetfighter that blends agile handling, a smooth and linear power delivery, and a comfortable riding position into a versatile and enjoyable package. 

Its liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine produces enough power for spirited riding while remaining manageable for everyday use. The Hornet's lightweight frame and well-balanced suspension make it a joy to manoeuvre around town, while its upright riding position provides excellent comfort and visibility. Whether you're commuting to work, cruising with friends, or exploring new roads, the CB500 Hornet is a great choice for riders seeking a fun, practical, and affordable streetfighter.


The Honda CB1000 Hornet is a true embodiment of raw power and untamed excitement. It's powered by a potent 998cc inline four-cylinder engine that delivers a surge of adrenaline, transforming the streets into your personal playground. 

The Hornet's aggressive styling, with its sharp lines and muscular stance, complements its exhilarating performance, making it a head-turner wherever you go. Whether you're carving through winding roads or tearing up the city streets, the CB1000 Hornet will leave you breathless with its exhilarating power and thrilling ride.

Africa Twin Range

Honda's 2024 Africa Twin duo roars back with boosted grunt and sharper lines. Both standard and Adventure Sports models get a 7% torque bump, delivered lower in the rev range for more midrange punch. 

The Adventure Sports leans further towards tarmac with a 19-inch front wheel and shorter travel suspension, while the standard retains its go-anywhere spirit with a 21-inch wheel and optional Showa EERA electronic suspension. Both share a redesigned front fairing, a 5-position adjustable screen, and refined DCT shifts for smoother on-road and off-road adventures.


The Honda NX500 is a versatile and agile sport-touring motorcycle that combines the thrill of a sport bike with the comfort and range of a touring bike. It is powered by a liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine that delivers a smooth and linear power delivery, making it a joy to ride both on the open road and through twisty backroads. 

Its lightweight frame and well-balanced suspension provide a comfortable and responsive ride, while its aerodynamic fairing and wind-deflecting screen minimize wind buffeting and enhance stability at higher speeds. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on long-distance touring adventures​.