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Top fleet dealer 2015 – Leicester SEAT

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The SEAT Rewards team visited the fleet team at Leicester to find out how they topped the table for Fleet performance in 2015, and to learn more about what good looks like in the world of fleet.

Growth and consistency

Alison Williams is responsible for the fleet operations at Marshall SEAT Leicester, and after being Fleet Dealer of the Year Runner Up in 2013, her and the team went on to win both the 2014 and 2015 trophies.

“When I got here we already had an established fleet database, but my focus was to grow the customer base and include a wide variety of fleet customers. We now supply leasing companies, brokers, local businesses as well as supporting the national fleet team at SEAT. Last year we had a total of 1400 fleet units, all managed by our team of 3”.

Gemma Stringer (Fleet Sales Administrator) comments “We have very slick systems and close relationships with our customers and SEAT, so much so that they all have complete faith in us to deliver what we say we will. Our customers are very picky, 70% of the orders are factory orders with specific requirements, so by meeting the expectations of our customers, word of mouth has spread and we generate a lot of referral business”.


Communication is key

It seems that communication plays a large part in their ability to deliver, the team send out weekly status reports to their customers to update them on the progress of their order, and they back this up with speedy acknowledgements to any customer enquiries. “Keeping the customer informed is key. As soon as a delivery date is confirmed, we go back to the customer, we don’t wait to book in delivery drivers etc nearer the time, we do it then and there once the date is set”.

Alison and Gemma are also strict attention to detail types – every vehicle is checked after the PDI and valet before it is sent out – nothing goes out direct from a PDI centre, as many of their customers require specific items in the cars. The combined result is a team effort, with the technicians and valeters on site, as well as the specially trained delivery drivers.

Winners of the fleet award need to demonstrate both outstanding achievement of local business sales versus target, and across the board top performance on the national fleet scorecard; which takes into account national fleet training, and data /forecasting accuracy.

SEAT Area Sales Manager, Phil Kenney, also took the time to praise the team at Leicester “These guys have always put the customer first, and their efficiency is excellent. They are great at communication, and it’s just easy to do business with them. They are always willing to meet national customers with us and to support the brand – and this collaborative approach has benefitted us both. They’ve attended roadshows with us and backed up these events at a local level. They always have time to help, and their speed of delivery and reliability mean we have a very strong relationship with Leicester. They thoroughly deserve the annual award”.