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Learn About The Costs of Electric Cars

Buying and owning an electric vehicle

Whole life costs, including purchase price, fuel and running costs, could be cheaper with an electric car. Grants, exemptions, plus local incentives like free parking and charging also help you save when you switch. To learn more about the UK Government's grant scheme, which could save you £2,500* off the purchase price, click the button below.

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Charge at home or on the road

If you have off-street parking, you can install a wall box charger at home through using the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. From April 1st 2020, the scheme offers a 75% contribution towards the cost and installation of a charging unit (up to a maximum of £350^). When you’re on the road, find your nearest charger using Zap-Map.

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Cost benefits for businesses

By switching your company cars to electric, you could see the whole life cost of your fleet reduce. To discover more, visit our dedicated fleet section to read more about the benefits and offers available at competitive prices.

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Cost of ownership

Electric car maintenance and fuelling costs

As a rough guide, you can fully charge an electric car overnight for as little as £5.30*. As well as being easier to run, electric vehicles are also simpler to maintain because they have far fewer parts than traditional vehicles.

Congestion Charge

Eligible electric cars are currently completely exempt from London’s Congestion Charge. Based on a £11.50 daily cost Monday to Friday, this could save you up to £2,990** per year for cars entering the Congestion Zone on a daily basis.

Vehicle excise duty

Electric vehicles that have zero-emissions are currently completely exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), also known as road tax.

Moving forward.

For more information about our electric range or to discover the offers available, please click the links below or contact your local Marshall SEAT retailer.


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Terms and conditions

* The electric Mii has a battery capacity of 36.8kWh. Therefore based on the UK average electricity price of 14.4p per kW it costs £5.30 to fully charge from empty. Correct as of May 2020.

** https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/congestion-charge/discounts-and-exemptions £2,990 based on 52 weeks Mon-Fri at £11.50 per day. Correct as of May 2020.

To find out about the UK Government's grant scheme, which could save you £2,500* off the purchase price, click here.

^ The Plug In Vehicle Grant is a grant currently offered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to eligible manufacturers to promote the purchase of ultra low emission vehicles. The SEAT Mii electric currently qualifies for this scheme. The £2,500 grant has already been deducted from the recommended 'on the road' price shown (and therefore the recommended 'on the road' price will increase in the event that grant funding is withdrawn, or eligibility for the grant or the grant amount changes, for any reason). Customers purchasing an SEAT Mii electric will receive a maximum of £2,500 off the purchase price. Your SEAT Retailer will submit the details of your order online in order to claim the grant funding. The grant is subject to full T&Cs and eligibility requirements. To find out more contact your SEAT Retailer or visit https://www.gov.uk/plug-in-car-van-grants. Vehicle eligibility and grant figure correct as at May 2020.

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