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The Audi Q3 was built to break the mould. With a long, broad body, Coupe-like roof line and smooth, sweeping lines, it deliberately avoids the traditional ‘boxy’ look of an SUV.

And with its low lean-forward stance and muscular, flared wheel arches the Q3 has an abundance of sporty character. In fact, it has a drag coefficient of just 0.32.

Everything about the interior of the Audi Q3 enhances the refinement and sporty feel of the cabin. And, as you would expect from Audi, the instrumentation is the embodiment of clarity. Thanks to the cockpit’s ergonomics, your hand falls naturally to the control you need. It all helps to create an instinctive, intuitive and satisfying driving experience.

The optional panoramic glass sunroof, with an area of more than half a square meter, lets in twice as much daylight as a conventional sunroof. The roof is of glazed appearance all the way from the windscreen to the rear window, emphasising the sporty looks of the Audi Q3.

New Audi Q3, Exterior, Front of Car, Front Wheel Closeup, Blue
New Audi Q3, Exterior, Rear, Closeup of Q3 badge, Blue
New Audi Q3 Exterior, Rear, Closeup of Exhaust, Blue


Thanks to Vorsprung durch Technik, making the choice between petrol and diesel engines isn’t so easy anymore. Engines of both fuel types offer improved power, lower emissions, sporty performance and increased efficiency.

Do you prefer the high-torque pulling power of a diesel or the increased response of a petrol engine?

The choice is yours but, as a rule of thumb, the higher your mileage, the more economical a diesel engine will be.

New Audi Q3, Interior, Front of Car
New Audi Q3, Interior, Boot space
New Audi Q3, Interior, Drivers View

Safety & Technology

Brake system - The brake system on the Audi Q3 combines short braking distances, sensitive control and optimum cooling, for a consistently effective performance even after repeated applications.

SIDEGUARD® - In the event of a side impact, side airbags will activate, helping to prevent occupant injury. The head-level airbag covers the entire front and rear side-window of the Audi Q3, including the A-post area.

Intelligent airbag system - In the event of an accident, intelligent impact sensors – including an innovative ‘up-front’ sensor – will detect the severity and nature of the impact and trigger the appropriate occupant protection systems, amplifying and reinforcing the safety of the Q3.

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