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iX M60 Introducing the iX M60 Starting From



The ultimate in BMW electric driving dynamics. The BMW iX M60 is expected to be available for delivery from mid-2023.

The BMW iX M60 combines the innovative power of BMW i and BMW M. Explore the first purely electric BMW M model in the performance segment of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV):

  • Fully electric drive with two BMW M eDrive motors, electric all-wheel drive BMW xDrive, 455 kW/619 hp** and 1,100 Nm*** torque.
  • Zero local CO2 emissions when driving and a range of up to 348* miles (WLTP).
  • Clear design, generously proportioned interior and highly modern ambience.
  • State-of-the-art technology and an enhanced range of standard equipment


Full-electric power train, range, suspension and performance of the BMW iX M60.

​Sporty all-electric driving pleasure with zero local emissions when driving.

  • Two BMW M eDrive motors with intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive
  • Emotional sound designed by BMW M IconicSounds Electric
  • Adaptive suspension with 2-axle air suspension and Integral Active Steering
  • 455kW/619hp**, 0-62 mph in 3.8 sec*
  • Up to 348miles* range (WLTP)
  • Enhanced standard specification incl: Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, Parking Assistant Professional, Laserlights


The BMW iX M60 offers fully electric M Power, precise driving dynamics and innovative features:

  • Two strong BMW M eDrive electric motors with 455 kW/619 hp** and 1,100 Nm***.
  • A sporty 3.8* seconds from 0-62 mph thanks to Launch Control and electric all-wheel drive BMW xDrive.
  • Precise driving characteristics and optimum control thanks to electronic dampers and Adaptive 2-axle air suspension with M-specific tuning, Integral Active Steering and M Sport brake.
  • Emotional sound design from BMW M IconicSounds Electric underlines the driving experience typical of M.

BMW iX M60 drivetrain.

The high-performance drivetrain of the iX M60 with two high-performance BMW M eDrive motors guarantees fast power delivery. The rear-biased setup of the all-wheel drive and an emotional sound highlight the sporty character. A large high-voltage battery with a high range ensures characteristics of the ultimate driving machine even on longer tours.

Adaptive 2-axle air suspension.

The adaptive 2-axle air suspension with automatic level control and M specific design of the stabilisers among other features, ensures extremely comfortable driving with great driving dynamics. It keeps the vehicle height the same under any load and adjusts it automatically depending on the drive mode. For greater comfort, agility and stability when driving.

Integral Active Steering.

Integral Active Steering combines support that varies based on the steering angle on the front axle, and rear wheels that also contribute to steering. At speeds below 37 mph, the rear wheels steer in opposite directions and ensure greater manoeuvrability and agility. Beginning around 37 to 49 mph, the rear wheels tu


The exterior of the BMW iX M60 appears monolithic and with the athleticism typical of M, while the futuristic interior welcomes driver and passengers with luxurious sporting flair:

  • Distinctive front section with the large vertical BMW kidney grille, narrow double headlights and three-part front apron.
  • Dynamic look with optional 22" aerodynamic wheels in Titanium Bronze as well as optional BMW Exterior Line in Titanium Bronze.
  • Highly modern interior with slim instrument panel, BMW Curved Display and elegant interior features.

22" M aerodynamic wheels 1023 Bicolour Titanium Bronze.

22" M light alloy wheels 1023 Bicolour Titanium Bronze, 3D buffed, wheel size 9.5J x 22, with 275/40 R22 tyres.

M badge.

The M60 model badge on the right side of the tailgate is an indication of the vehicle’s extraordinarily high driving dynamic potential.

Interior design Suite Amido.

The exclusive olive leaf tanned natural leather of the interior design Suite Amido on the instrument panel, door trim panels, centre console and seats creates a modern ambience of sustainable luxury. The elaborate quilting seams make the upholstery luxurious and comfortable. The accent components in Gold Bronze in the headrest also match.


The Shy Tech concept puts passengers first and integrates modern technology into the design in an elegant way:

  • Invisible intelligence can be experienced in many details of the exterior and interior.
  • The kidney grille functions as an intelligent surface and houses camera technology, radar functions, state-of-the-art sensor technology and heating elements.
  • Speakers of the audio system are invisibly embedded in the interior, buttons and controls are visually consistently reduced.


​The design highlights of the BMW iX M60 in the exterior and interior.

Sporty front with vertical double kidney grille.

Distinctive rear with M lights Shadow Line.

Concise iX badge next to Hofmeister kink with BMW Individual Exterior Line Titanium Bronze.

Spacious interior with multifunctional seats and panoramic glass sunroof.

Driver-oriented cockpit with BMW Curved Display.

Elegant centre console with controls.

BMW Individual Exterior Line Titanium Bronze.

MyModes for the individual setup of your BMW iX M60.


Experience innovative technologies in an ultra-modern ambience: the BMW iX M60 with new BMW iDrive operating concept offers digital services, smart driver assistance systems and 5G as standard.

Launch Control.

Maximum acceleration thanks to optimum traction – with Launch Control, the perfect start from a standstill is achieved. The intelligently controlled power transmission ensures that the concentrated power of the two electric motors is delivered to the asphalt.

BMW iDrive.

BMW iDrive seamlessly continues your everyday digital experience in the vehicle, in an advanced interior with intuitive-reach operating units. Interacting with your infotainment system via touchscreen and voice control is always straightforward and natural, for an integrated, smart and emotional experience. Always at the cutting edge.

BMW Live Cockpit Professional with BMW Curved Display.

Through the BMW Live Cockpit Professional emerges a frameless BMW Curved Display that combines a 12.3" instrument display and a 14.9" touch display. In addition, relevant information is projected onto the windscreen via the BMW Head-Up Display. An innovative destination guidance experience is presented using Augmented View.


With My Modes, settings for driving dynamics and the interior shape a coherent overall experience. Whether sporty, efficient or balanced, in the vehicle interior the displays and light as well as other elements adapt to the mood for the respective mode. Corresponding chassis, drive system and steering settings complete your personal look and feel.

Remote Software Upgrade.

With Remote Software Upgrade, your BMW will always be up to date. You can simply download the upgrades via the My BMW App or via the SIM card installed in the vehicle and then install them. In this way, other available functions in your BMW are also activated.

Connected Charging.

BMW Charging offers everything you need to charge your electric BMW. You'll receive the basic equipment for charging at home and when you're out and about together with your vehicle. You can also select further products and services from BMW Charging on a custom basis – tailored to your needs.

Connected Package Professional.

Included as standard, the Connected Package Professional offers Concierge Service, Remote Services, smartphone integration including Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, Connected Music, and BMW Maps with Connected Navigation and Connected Parking.

BMW Digital Key Plus.

The BMW Digital Key Plus turns your compatible smartphone into a fully fledged vehicle key. Thanks to ultra wide-band technology, the vehicle will recognise your smartphone when you get close to it. As soon as you come close to your BMW, you will be welcomed with special lighting and the doors will unlock automatically.

Great Entrance Moments.

Your BMW receives you with Great Entrance Moments and directs you to the door sill area with a carpet of light. In addition the handles on doors and tailgate are illuminated to guide your hand movements. With the BMW Digital Key Plus, your vehicle unlocks automatically as you approach. Opening the doors activates the Easy-Entry function of the seat as well as the seat and steering wheel heating and your BMW greets you with your profile.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Communicate with your vehicle using the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Say natural commands to operate numerous vehicle functions. It can also explain topics about your vehicle and helps you to get to know your BMW even better.

Driving Assistant Professional.

Driving Assistant Professional offers optimum comfort and safety during critical or monotonous traffic situations. Apart from the contents of the Driving Assistant, it also includes Steering and Lane Control Assistant with extended functions, Emergency Stop Assistant and Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection.

Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system.

The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system contains two diamond tweeters, found only in the highest quality studio speakers. Two shakers in each of the front seats ensure an intense base experience with 4D sound. In addition, 30 specifically positioned speakers, including eight surround headrest speakers, create fascinating surround sound.


​Engine power in kW (hp):
​455 (619)**
​Acceleration 0-62 mph in s:​3.8*
​Electric range in miles (WLTP):​up to 348*
​Torque in Nm:​1,100***
​Energy consumption in mi/kWh (WLTP):​2.8 mi/kWh*


With your BMW iX M60 and BMW Charging, you benefit from an impressive charging performance and numerous tailor-made offers for charging at home, on the road and at work.

  • Recharge up to 93 miles in just 10 minutes*.
  • Recharge up to 80 % of the electric range in less than 35 minutes at public IONITY High Power Charging stations.*

The values refer to an initial state of charge of 10 %.

Charging at home for a range of 62 miles.

02:31 h* - Wallbox (7.4 kW) 

05:12 h* - Flexible Charger (3.7 kW) on industrial socket 

​08:31 h* - Standard charging cable or Flexible Charger (2.3 kW) on household socket 

Charging on the move for a range of 62 miles.

00:06 h*  – High-power charging station (max. vehicle charging capacity)

​00:21 h* – Fast charging station (50 kW)

​01:41 h* – AC charging station (max. vehicle charging capacity)

Most charging stations provide under 50kW and deliver slower charging times. Charging times are also affected by other factors, such as the battery temperature, condition and starting charge, vehicle equipment running during charging, the outside temperature and other factors. Stated charging times are based on optimum charging conditions. Charging over 80% slows to protect the battery. Network provider charges apply.

The calculation takes into account consumption and charging performance. Values refer to 29-33 degrees Celsius battery start and ambient temperature with certification values excluding additional auxiliary consumers such as seat heating, displays, air conditioning. Individual consumption may vary (depending on e.g. driving profile, temperature, ambient conditions) as well as the individually achievable charging performance (depending on e.g. battery state of charge, vehicle air conditioning). Consumption is based on WLTP best case. Charging performance is based on the maximum possible charging performance (depending on charging type and vehicle).


The BMW Charging Card, included with the BMW iX M60, is your key to a growing nationwide network of public charging stations:

  • With the bp pulse package, you can charge at preferential rates across the UK and pay no subscription fee for the first 12 months.
  • Additionally, the IONITY Plus package, included for a year without subscription fee – offers preferential charging rates at the network of IONITY high-power charging stations.

Terms and Conditions:
Offer applicable to customers who have purchased a new BMW iX M60 through a BMW Centre.

The offer is valid once for a specific vehicle and cannot be transferred to other vehicles or owners. After the subscription fee exemption expires, the regular Flex Tariff conditions will be applied. This promotional offer applies to the package subscription fee only, usage costs remain the responsibility of the customer. This promotional offer does not apply to used vehicles.


BMW luggage compartment fitted mat.

Anti-slip, water-resistant, BMW fitted luggage compartment mat for protecting the luggage compartment from dirt and moisture. In black with the BMW logo.

BMW roof box 520 black/titanium silver.

BMW Black/titanium silver lockable roof box, accessible from both sides with a capacity of 520 litres, compatible with all BMW roof rack systems.

BMW rear bike rack Pro 2.0.

Light, stable BMW rear bike rack Pro 2.0 for two bikes/e-bikes. Maximum load of 60 kg, can be compactly folded together.



Contact Marshall BMW in Bournemouth, Grimsby, Hampshire (Hook) or Salisbury or to learn more about the iX M60.

01202 983746

01472 728347

01256 441790

01722 622104

* Provisional data; energy consumption and range measured according to the WLTP test cycle.

** Provisional data; Electric drive with up to 397 kW (540 hp), during temporary performance increase <10 seconds up to 455 kW (619 hp).

*** Provisional data; maximum torque with activated Launch Control.

These figures were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. Battery electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load.