BMW Teleservices

Enjoy smarter servicing with BMW Teleservices; best of all, it's completely complimentary.

Thinking about your next oil change, vehicle check, new brake pads? These are all appointments you no longer need to think about. Just lean back and relax – you BMW knows when it needs a specific service and transfers the relevant service data to BMW fully automatically and according to requirements. Your BMW Service Partner of choice can then conveniently access the data and contact you without delay. With BMW Teleservices and BMW ConnectedDrive you’re free to do what you really want to.

Your benefits at a glance:

Take advantage of more comfort and efficiency:

•        Automatic detection of service requirements

•        Direct transfer of service-relevant data to BMW

•        Marshall Salisbury your preferred Service Partner would able to access the date relevant to servicing

•        Automatic reminder of servicing appointments

•        Optimally prepared and more effective maintenance

•        Shorter service visits

BMW Teleservices are your autonomous diary. Automatically updating and sending all of your vehicle data to your local Marshall BMW Service Centre, you’ll receive a call to arrange an appointment and make you aware of any additional work which may be needed. No fretting, no fuss; it’s all centred on you and your BMW. Better yet, the service is available for the life of your vehicle.

You don’t even need to sync with a smartphone for BMW Teleservices to come into effect. Using your car’s in-built SIM card, service data flows flawlessly to your preferred Centre, ensuring that your vehicle maximises its service intervals and is off the road for as little time as possible. BMW Teleservices will even contact Roadside Assistance on your behalf, should you need it. We’d all rather be behind the wheel; BMW Teleservices will ensure that your car’s journey has less pit-stops, and more driving pleasure. 


So, what’s included?

Automatic BMW Teleservice Call

Direct from your vehicle to your local Marshall BMW Service Centre, we’ll use the exact data gathered from your car to ensure that your service appointments are both timely and thorough, with any required parts to be pre-ordered in advance. Servicing has never been so blissfully seamless.

BMW Teleservice Breakdown Call

Need emergency technical assistance? BMW Teleservices will expect the unexpected. Sending data, including your location, directly to the Roadside Assistance Team, you’ll be on your way in no time.

BMW Teleservice Battery Guard

If your car’s battery dramatically drops in charge, your BMW will know before anyone else. Sending a handy SMS to your phone let you know the details, you can correct the issue in good time; turn off those lights!

BMW Teleservice Update

Your BMW will always be up-to-date and in-the-know, thanks to downloadable software updates for your Bluetooth and multimedia systems. That means you’ll be able to support the latest smartphones and media players, too.

Sounds Great – How Do I Join?

Not yet signed up to BMW Teleservices? Contact us today and start your journey with a smarter way to manage servicing.

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Beneits of the customer:

  • BMW TeleServices are free of charge to your customers.
  • No other competitor offers this unique, innovative and customer-oriented service.
  • Your customer will be reminded on all service work requires. Your customer even recieves a call to arrange an appointment.
  • Round-the-clock safety and convenience for customer.
  • Fasr and precise assistance in the event of a breakdown or technical problem.

Benefits of the BMW Service Partner:

  • Advantage over competitors due to innovative leadership in service.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to a significant bonus in terms of service and convinience without additional cost to the customer.
  • Increased customer satisfaction leads to long-term customer loyalty.
  • Increased probability of follow-up business.
  • This assigned BMW Service Partner receives service-related data prior to the workshop visit.
  • Service appointments are easier and can be prepared more precisely.
  • BMW TeleServices acilities access to the full Aftersales potential.

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