All-Electric, Plug-in Hybrid and Mild Hybrids available at Marshall Jaguar Cambridge, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Ipswich, Leicester, Lincoln, Newbury, Oxford & Peterborough.

Plugging in at home remains the most effortless way to fully charge your all-electric and Plug-in Hybrid car every day. But with over 20,000 public charging points now in the UK – from remote farm shops to motorway services – it’s easier than ever to charge on the go.

AC/DC charging – getting up to speed

All-electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars are compatible with two types of public charging points. AC charging points are located at destination charging stations such as retail parks, gyms and car parks. And rapid DC charging points are located on motorways and public roads.

AC charging speeds at your destination*

  • Up to 22 miles of range from 60 minutes for all-electric Jaguar I‑PACE
  • 0-80% charge from 1 hour 24 minutes for Jaguar E‑PACE PHEV
  • 0-80% charge from 1 hour 40 minutes for Jaguar F‑PACE PHEV
  • Jaguar all-electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars come with an AC Public/Wall Box charging cable as standard

DC charging speeds on motorways and pubic roads*

  • In all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, a 50kW rapid DC charging point will deliver up to 39 miles of range from 15 minutes. A 100kW rapid DC charging point will deliver up to 78 miles of range from 15 minutes
  • Jaguar Plug-in Hybrid cars can achieve a charge of 0-80% from 30 minutes

How to charge

Jaguar all-electric and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) cars use a Combined Charging System (CCS) compatible with both AC and DC charging.

AC charging

The top part of the vehicle’s CCS inlet is used for AC charging. This is known as a Type 2 connector and compatible with your home charger, public AC charging points and domestic 3-pin plug sockets.

Rapid DC charging

The lower half of the vehicle’s CCS inlet features two pins that combine with three pins above to provide rapid DC charging into the battery. The two lower pins can be accessed by removing the inlet’s lower socket cover.

Domestic plug charging cable (Mode 2)

Your Jaguar’s optional Mode 2 cable connects your vehicle to domestic sockets by using a Type 2 connector on one end and a 3-pin plug on the other.

Public and wall box charging cable (Mode 3)

Featuring a Type 2 connector at both ends of the cable, Mode 3 charging cables enable you to connect your vehicle with professionally-installed home chargers (Wall Box) and public AC charging points.

Tethered charge point

  • One permanently-attached cable connects the charge point to your vehicle
  • Rapid DC charging points are always tethered
  • Home chargers can be installed with a tethered cable

Untethered charge point

  • Public AC charging points and untethered Wall Boxes feature an AC socket to connect your vehicle’s Mode 3 cable
  • For flexibility, home chargers can be installed with a cable tethered or untethered

How to find, access and pay for charging

Between your vehicle’s navigation system and our recommended Zap-Map app, it couldn’t be simpler to find the thousands of public charging points across the country.

Although some charge points are free to use, the majority are accessible via convenient pay-as-you-go methods, including mobile apps, membership accounts, or a contactless bank card. The cost of charging in public will typically be a combination of a connection fee, charging time (pence per hour) and/or the amount of energy used (pence per kWh). 

We recommend familiarising yourself with more than one provider to ensure the best coverage and payment methods for your routes – especially when travelling or visiting another country.


Identifying every available public charging point near your current location and designated route, Zap-Map is an essential tool if you’re planning a new journey or running low on power anywhere in the UK.

In-car navigation

Jaguar’s connected navigation system¹ allows you to create door-to-door route planning; monitoring live traffic conditions and highlighting charging points along the way.

Keep exploring electric

Jaguar iGuide: Charging advice is always at hand

The Jaguar iGuide app** makes it simple to find and understand the key features and controls of your Jaguar electric car. It also doubles as your mobile owner’s manual, ensuring the answer to any question about charging is always at hand.


Home charging

With more public charging points than petrol stations across the UK, charging away from home is more accessible than ever.


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Jaguar Land Rover Limited is constantly seeking ways to improve the specification, design and production of its vehicles, parts and accessories and alterations take place continually, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

*Charging times will vary dependent on many factors, including but not limited to: the age, condition, temperature and existing charge of the battery; facility used and duration of charge.

¹InControl features, options and their availability remain market dependent - check with your Retailer for local market availability and full terms. Certain features require an appropriate sim with a suitable data contract which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.

In-car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times.