NEW VIVARO Introducing the NEW VIVARO Starting From £21,323.33


More practicality. More choice. More clever features than ever before. Discover the ultimate all-rounder.

Stay stylish and smart

Want to look the business, on and off the road? Choose from the range of 8 smart colours ranging in Solid, Brilliant and Two Coat Metallic.

Your wheels of business 

Eye catching wheels come as standard with each Vivaro trim level.

* Edition: 16-inch steel wheels with small-cover wheel trims

* Sportive: 16-inch steel wheels with full diameter wheel trims

* Elite: 17-inch silver alloy wheels

Top of the class

With its class-leading pay load and flexible load space, New Vivaro is built for business. But there's more. Advanced tech that's rarely found in vans. Ergonomic seats for hard working backs. A fold-down table and practical storage that terns your cabin into a mobile office.

No wonder Vivaro's are such a competitive vehicle in the class.

Stylish yet practical 

Smooth, sculpted lines. Dynamic stance. Chrome detail headlights. New Vivaro looks are sleeker than ever. You can choose from two lengths - L1 is perfect for tight city streets, while L2 provides a larger load area.

Room to manoeuvre 

Flexibility's handy. That's why our optional FlexCargo load-through offers a load length of 4m in the L2 version - along with a load volume of 6.6m3 and payload up to 1400kg. Hands full? Open the (optional) electric sliding doors by moving your foot. Then start up, key-free.

Longer cargo? Bring it on 

Carrying longer cargo (up to 4m)? No probs. Use FlexCargo's load-through bulkhead. New Vivaro also has a flatter load area, front to back, than its rivals. So it's easier to slide in long loads through the bulkhead flap. The higher flap opening also means you can fit in more items.

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If you require a compact yet spacious van that offers noteworthy fuel economy, the Combo could be the ideal solution. If you would like to put this car-like commercial vehicle through its paces, please book a test drive with us at your earliest convenience.




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