All Systems Go - Volvo Diagnostic Check

Our Volvo diagnostic check will give your vehicle a clean bill of health.

We take the health of your Volvo seriously. So we’re offering owners a free Volvo System Diagnostic.

When you visit your Volvo dealer, a technician will connect your car to our computer in Sweden and advise you if its software and control units are functioning correctly.

We’ll even check if you qualify for a free service 

As part of the System Diagnostic, we’ll check your Volvo’s full online service history and provide you with a printout. We will also check if you’re entitled to any free services or Volvo Assistance cover. And on top of this, we’ll leave your car looking its absolute best with a full wash and vac.

So, wherever you bought your Volvo, we want to make sure you’re getting the maximum performance, efficiency and safety from your Volvo.
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Online Service History Printout

Service Entitlement Check

Software Check

Volvo Technician Consultation

Wash and Vac