For all Marshall Motor Group Colleagues, your new Mercedes-Benz is closer than you think.

£0 deposit. 18 month agreement. Limited stock available.

Exclusive MMG Colleague Offer

As a valued employee of Marshall Motor Group, you can own a new Mercedes-Benz for a competitive monthly payment through our Quarter 3 special offer scheme. You can also have a second vehicle on the scheme, but it’s only for an immediate family member living at the same address as you.

All these vehicles come with £0 deposit and 18 month agreements and orders must be placed before 30th September 2020. All payments relating to your scheme vehicle(s) will be made through direct debit. We reserve the right to accept or decline applications at the sole discretion of the Centre’s Head of Business. All vehicles will incur a £360 processing fee on return of the vehicles.

Take advantage now while stocks last.

MODELDescriptionTransmissionAdditional Extras  Monthly Repayment
A-Class                  A180d Sport AutomaticExecutive Pack£319
A-Class                  A180d AMG LineAutomaticExecutive Pack£328
A-Class                  A180d AMG LineAutomaticPremium Pack£339
A-Class                  A180d AMG LineAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£349
A-Class Saloon         A200d AMG Line SaloonAutomatic £331
A-Class Saloon         A200d AMG Line SaloonAutomaticPremium Pack£376
B-Class                  B220d AMG Line AutomaticExecutive Pack£354
B-Class                  B220d AMG Line AutomaticPremium Pack£358
B-Class                  B220d AMG Line AutomaticPremium Plus Pack£365
CLA CoupeCLA 220d AMG LineAutomatic-£380
CLA CoupeCLA 220d AMG LineAutomaticPremium Pack£395
CLA CoupeCLA 220d AMG LineAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£406
GLA GLA 220d 4MATIC AMG LINEAutomatic £410
GLA GLA 220d 4MATIC AMG LINEAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£464
GLBGLB 220d 4MATIC AMG LineAutomaticPremium Pack£353
GLBGLB 220d 4MATIC AMG LineAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£401
C-Class CoupeC300d AMG Line CoupeAutomatic £390
C-Class CoupeC300d AMG Line CoupeAutomaticPremium Pack£450
C-Class CoupeC300d AMG Line CoupeAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£451
GLCGLC 300d 4Matic AMG LineAutomaticPremium Pack£430
GLCGLC 300d 4Matic AMG LineAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£493
GLEGLE 350d 4Matic AMG Line 7 SeatsAutomaticPremium Pack£629
GLEGLE 350d 4Matic AMG Line 7 SeatsAutomaticPremium Plus Pack£699


  1. Get in touch with about your Mercedes-Benz of interest
  2. We will check you’re eligible for the scheme and will give you the documents you need to complete to order your vehicle.
  3. Next, we will let you know the delivery date, your vehicle registration number and also arrange for your new vehicle to be taxed.
  4. You’ll need to make sure you have fully comprehensive insurance in place for your Mercedes-Benz before you take delivery.
  5. Your new Mercedes-Benz will be delivered to your Retail site for you to collect.
  6. You’ll need to keep your vehicle’s service history up to date and all servicing must be carried out at a Mercedes-Benz approved service centre. You’ll need to arrange this and may need to pay for the servicing.
  7. At the end of the contract, it’s your responsibility to hand back the vehicle to the Retail site that supplied it. It will need to meet our Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Return Standards too.
  8. Then get in touch with your Scheme Co-ordinator order your next vehicle.

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Terms & Conditions:

Pricing based on MY20.5 vehicles with Metallic paint and funded via MBFS. Monthly payments for orders funded via CBS will vary. Orders between 1 July and 30 September, Registrations between 1 July and 31 December. Orders must be presented to DSP within the quarter to attract Q3 terms.