The Values of Marshall

Marshall Motor Group

We have a choice. Do we want our company to be driven by rules or by values? We know which we prefer and our customers tell us which they would prefer. That’s why the Marshall Motor Group Values are so important – they lead the way in which we go about our business. As a family business with a proud heritage, our longstanding values are an instinctive part of our day-to-day operations. They govern the way we think and the way we behave.

The more we focus on these values, the more value we’ll create. Values breed value; which is partly why we take them so seriously. The other reason, of course, is because acting responsibly is the right thing to do.

People Are The Heart of Our Success

Recognising that people are the heart of our success

We are successful in our chosen markets and people are at the heart of our success.

We readily recognise the power of our people to drive the Marshall Motor Group forward. Everybody in the Group contributes, in various ways, to the products and services we supply. We value each individual’s contribution, encouraging everyone to reach their full potential.

We can achieve more, of course, by working collaboratively to reach common goals. Working responsibly under their own initiative, our people join together to get the job done to the highest standard. Four thousand Marshall people, all with the same set of values and common beliefs, are a powerful force.

Innovation and Creativity

Maintaining competitive edge through innovation and creativity

We maintain our competitive edge through innovation and an adherence to the founding tradition of a spirit of adventure.

Standing still is not an option. We must constantly change and adapt to meet the needs of our customers. Otherwise, these needs will be met by our eager competitors.

Fortunately, innovation is the life-blood of the Group. We are well placed to face new challenges and grasp new opportunities. With flair and creativity, we constantly strive to adapt and find imaginative solutions to evolving customer demands. In an ever-changing world, this deep-seated innovative streak helps us break into new markets, open-up new territories and achieve new technological breakthroughs.

Customer Service

Putting our customers above all else

We value our customers above all else and seek to provide outstanding Customer Service through happy, conscientious and well-motivated teams.

Our business is founded on customer service. For over a century we have consistently put our customers first and this single-minded emphasis will continue. We recognise, of course, that outstanding customer service can never be taken for granted, so we continually measure, and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity and Fairness

Upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness

We strive to exhibit the highest standards of integrity and fairness in everything we do. There must be no gap between what we say and what we do. Our founder put integrity and fairness among the fundamental principles of his fledgling enterprise. Over 110 years on, we still abide by these core values. They are ingrained in the way we do things in the Marshall Motor Group.

As our business has expanded internationally into new sectors, we have never lost sight of the essential need to reinforce our reputation for integrity and fair play.