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We have created this to keep you informed, inspired and hopefully have a bit of fun! It’s your hub and the content can be fed by you.

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Whilst the situation we find ourselves in is serious and very worrying I absolutely believe that a positive mindset is what will get us all through it.

The commitment you show in keeping our values alive and creating camaraderie, which has driven our incredible great place to work journey, is something I remain extremely proud of.

What makes us special is you, our Marshall family. We are all in a very unique situation and I see a great opportunity to bring our community together to help each other so I have a personal request!

I know many of you will be doing great things during this time, whether that’s coming up with ideas on how to keep your children entertained, helping a neighbour, volunteering for the NHS, learning a new skill, working in one of our dedicated service centres… The list is endless!

Let’s flood our social channels with good news, great stories and top tips. Let’s share the goodness and inspire each other. There are lots of resources in our hub to help us have fun and keep our mindset in the right place.

That said if things do start to get tough our Help Yourself section gives you access to useful information around financial, social, mental and physical health plus a reminder of the free of charge dedicated help, support and advice available to you via our colleague support partners (Ben and Aviva) should you need it.

We will keep you updated with all this good stuff but if you don’t already follow us on social media click the our Social Club button below to find out more and how you can get involved.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay Marshall.

Daksh Gupta
Chief Executive

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