You will all now be aware of our Marshall mantra 'Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Marshall.'

We've split this section into three distinct areas:

Good Karma, Spend Time Wisely & Time to Play

So, we know how to Stay Safe – the government have given us all very specific guidance on this. We hope that our ‘social club’ will give you the chance to share good news, see what other colleagues are up to and help you to Stay Marshall but what about Stay Positive?

We are all facing a new normal. Never in our lifetime have we had to deal with how things are right now – that word unprecedented again!

For many of us we have just jumped off that 100 mph treadmill and come at a sudden halt. We are spending the majority of our time in our homes either on our own or with other family members. Some of us will have had to learn how to home school or share our space with others.

Keeping a positive mindset is really important to help us all help ourselves and each other during these challenging times, but sometimes that’s easier said than done… We want to try and help find ways to keep everyone occupied, focus on the good things and hopefully have a bit of fun!