“Our first COVID-19 case was a gentleman who worked in our Mercedes-Benz division.

Two weeks ago, I personally called him to see how he was. It was a very short call with him as he could hardly breathe let alone speak. Being candid I spoke to his wife and she was very worried about him making it as he was in a high-risk category.

I am delighted to share that this colleague has just called me to say he has recovered from COVID-19. He sounded incredibly upbeat, positive and quite frankly a million miles away from the man I spoke to two weeks ago. He insisted I pass a message on… he wanted everyone to know how much he appreciated what the Company, Board and management team were doing for him and his family at this time.

He said his wife and family have seen all the communications from the Group and he said he was so proud to say he worked for us.

I wanted to share this as he was keen to pass on his thanks but also it’s really made my day.”