Whether we are working or furloughed at home most of us will have way more spare time than we normally have.

We all have a choice on how we use this precious time and this opportunity is probably never going to come around again (we hope!).

Are there things you have wanted to do for ages and never had the time to do that could be done during this period?

Maybe it’s getting more organised indoors, clearing up the garden or doing a bit of DIY. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn something new or get more active.

Achievement is good for the mind and can really help keep a positive mindset. Whilst chilling out with a boxed set is great, sitting around losing time can also leave us feeling low and regretful of the time we have wasted. Could this be your opportunity to find a silver lining to this cloud?

How fab would it be to get to the end of this lockdown period with a new skill or a few big ticks in boxes?!