How many of us have said we want to be a bit fitter but never found the time?

We know exercise is good for the body but it’s also good for the mind. Being physically active releases endorphins that give us that feel good factor.

It doesn’t need to be too strenuous to start with – walking is a great form of exercise and while we are allowed to take a trip out once a day are you taking advantage?

Maybe this is something that could progress to a slow jog in time. Cycling is also a great form of outdoor exercise and while the roads are quiet is a little less daunting to dust off our bikes and get them out for an airing. If you were already exercising but used to a gym environment don’t give up! There are so many online programmes that you can do at home with no equipment needed. It takes time and dedication to get fit and strong but sadly no time at all to lose it.

If you Google Free Online Workouts you’ll be inundated! Many of the gyms are streaming workouts via their social media channels so there is no end of choice.

Google's Results for Free Online Workouts

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Keep in touch and let us know what you are doing to get or keep fit plus any recommendations on what’s out there to

David Nichols (General Manager, Marshall SKODA Leicester) loves cycling and has cycled on 51 days of the lockdown so far! He cycles on average 25 miles a day and enjoys the empty roads of rural South Lincolnshire! He see's the sunset most evenings and often stops to take a photo.


We are acutely aware of how worrying a time it is right now and for some people keeping a healthy mind may be challenging.

Staying positive is really important but not always easy to do, however, there are ways we can help ourselves.

Paul McKenna is a British hypnotherapist, behavioural scientist and best-selling author.

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