Sometimes a good old sort out is really good for the mind. Have you got a ‘to do’ list that has been around for months or even years?!

Are there things that you really want to do indoors or in the garden that you never quite find the time to do? Do you have an over filled loft that could do with a good old sort out?! Think of all the calories you could burn!

Never will you have a better opportunity than now to get some serious jobs done at home!

If you have children maybe they can get involved and help (even if it’s just a few little jobs it could be fun!).

If you like to see ticks in boxes this Spring Cleaning Checklist should help Download here

Also check out this article on How to make the most of your garden during lockdown for a few top tips!

Maybe it’s time to learn some new DIY skills – You Tube is packed full of ‘How To’ videos and there are retailers falling over each other to sell their wares online most with great discounts!

Important: if you are decluttering or clearing out and generating lots of rubbish find somewhere to store it during the lockdown. With refuse centres closed and many refuse collectors self-isolating we need to be considerate about our waste.

Why not share your achievements with colleagues@marshall.co.uk we’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

These are a couple of features of Philip Deacon's garden including his homemade bug hotel! (Head of Marketing, Head Office)

These are some of the flowers in Fiona Horrocks' little garden! (Receptionist, Marshall Volkswagen Newbury)


Graham Ingle (Painter, Marshall Paint & Body Repair Centre Cambridge) has been bored at home so has taken up a new hobby. He bought an arc welder and has had ago at metal art!

Jason Ansell, MOT Manager at Marshall FordStore Cambridge has installed a camera in a nest box in his garden. A pair of Blue Tits have made it home and she is currently sitting on 11 eggs.