Our regular updates are designed to keep everyone in the loop in the most informative and transparent way we can despite this situation changing all the time. Being informed is really important as we then know what we are dealing with and can develop coping mechanisms.

On top the business-based information we are sharing regularly we wanted to make sure you had access to useful information and resources that may help you during this time. Whether we’re still at work, working from home or on furlough leave we will all be feeling some level of concern over the current coronavirus pandemic.

Naturally for all of us our main priority is keeping ourselves and our families safe by following the government guidelines around only going outside for picking up essentials, once a day exercise and going to work, plus staying 2m away from other people and washing our hands as soon as we get home.

For some of us we will be tackling home schooling for the first time, not going to work, spending more time than usual with other family members, not being able to go to the gym or out for dinner etc. Many of us will also be trying to get used to not seeing other family members or friends – challenging times.

The good news is we’re all in it together and whilst this period of lockdown is new to us we can at least take some comfort that by doing it we’re helping to get the world back to normal.

Let’s try and look after each other and be positive but if in the meantime you hit a bump in the road we hope the selection of resources below can help in some way.