At the start of this unprecedented situation I promised I would keep you updated on what we are doing at Marshall to look after you and protect the future of our business. My aim is to give you as much certainty as I can in this very uncertain world we find ourselves in.

As a senior team we will keep you updated as and when there are changes, either within government or our business to ensure whether you are still at work, working from home or on furlough leave you feel very much up to date with our thinking, the actions we’re taking and most importantly giving you as much peace of mind as we can during these difficult times.

If we don’t have your personal mobile number and email address please send them to so our team can update the system and ensure you don’t miss any key communications.

Just in case you missed it here is my last video update:

Daksh Gupta - Wednesday 13 January 2021

As always, I’m happy to hear from you so don’t hesitate to email me at

with any feedback, comments or ideas.

I will absolutely respond to anyone who gets in touch!

Stay safe, stay positive, stay Marshall.

Daksh Gupta
Chief Executive

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