BMW SmartGuard Paint Protection

SmartGuard is an ultra high tech exterior paint surface sealant, that once applied by one of our trained professionals forms a protective layer on the exterior surface of the BMW​'s paintwork. This protective layer gives your paintwork unrivalled protection against the initial damaging effects of bird lime, tree sap, grime and the weather, meaning the paint won’t fade and you will see no loss of gloss on the protected exterior paint surfaces.

  • By protecting your paintwork against everyday pollutants, SmartGuard helps your new BMW retain that showroom look and feel for longer.
  • SmartGuard exterior paint surface protector is made up of world class DuPont Fluoropolymers.
  • This molecular bond from DuPont protects against the loss of gloss or gradual fading on the protected exterior paint surfaces during its 4-year guarantee period, including that caused by the weather, oxidation, car washes and solvent sprays.
  • Protection is provided for both the exterior paint surfaces and your alloy wheels.
  • There is no need for monthly conservers or annual inspections and the molecular bond is hand wash, car wash and body shop friendly.

SmartGuard Fabric Protection

We all have bad days, but when yours turns really bad when someone who should probably know better, spills something you rather they didn’t on your car seats or in the car's footwell or boot. Wouldn’t you rather know that the nasty stain and the awful smell won’t be lingering..? Of course you would, which is why we have sourced SmartGuard Protection, to not only keep the outside of your BMW looking good, but also the inside as well.

  • The interior fabric of your new BMW would be protected using Dupont PTFE based formula and be guaranteed for 4 years.
  • SmartGuard PTFE based fabric protection prevents staining from accidental spillages from water, coffee, tea, milk, milkshakes, soft drinks and similar liquids. So if friends or family, kids or adults leave your footwell, seats or both with a spillage, you have the comfort that you will have avoided that nasty stain as well as that ever lingering awful smell.
  • This protection against staining eases cleaning and helps maintain the condition of your interior fabric, seat covers, footwells and carpet flooring.
  • If within the guarantee period staining is still visible after wiping, SmartGuard will arrange for the soiled area to be professionally cleaned and retreated.
  • PTFE Fabric protector is hypoallergenic and is applied with a non-CFC aerosol trigger spray.