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Family Car Buying Tips

Finding the perfect family car comes down to more than just making sure all the kids fit!​ We've compiled a few useful tips to help you get the most out of your new purchase...


2.4 children... plus the dog... plus the buggy... plus the grandparents...

Obviously boot capacity is essential when looking for your new car. You need to be able to fit camping gear, bikes, pets and possibly excess children into every available nook so make sure you measure upward and not just floor space. A good family car offers height for those awkward packages and make sure to also consider the space between the kids and your seat. A little extra legroom where it counts will do wonders in the battle against ‘ are we there yet?’ kicking feet.


It's more important that the car colour... sorry.

The Euro NCAP rating determines the crash safety score of all new car models for sale across Europe up to a maximum of 5 stars and should be your standard question when looking for your next family car. Various models and brands will advertise their cars as ‘the safest on the market’ but it’s always advised to question both the adult and child occupancy protection scores for added piece of mind.


"Can you pick up the kids... and their friends...?"

Speaking of legroom, make sure you consider the option of folding seats in the boot space. The ability to fold away surplus seating can be a massive gold star when you’re lumbered with car duty for a birthday party or sports game. If you don’t need those seats on a permanent basis, the ability to store them away will grant you the space needed.



Power assist is great... but can they charge their phones?

Headrest screens, USB chargers and heated seating are beginning to move away from the luxury end of the car spectrum and more and more and considered the norm for many new family cars. Even if your chosen model isn’t equipped with such features, it’s always worth considering how easily your back seat small people can charge tablets while you take full advantage of driver add-ons such as reverse sensors and parking assist.


A nicer word for 'how do I get jelly off the ceiling?!'

We love our kids… and they love to make a mess. Making sure your car can combat the spills and crumbs of your kids will not only make your life easier but will also aid in the resell value further down the line. Look for easy wipe-down surfaces and make sure to invest in floor mats… and maybe a hand-vac!

For more information on Vehicle Safety, check out the dedicated advice page on the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website.