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Car Bodystyle Explained


It's all in the name. Simply put, a 'convertible' car converts between open-top and enclosed, via either an electric or manual roof. Available in both three and five door variants, two-seater or five, a convertible car isn't just for cruising around Cannes in Summer.

Some smaller two-seater varieties offer a separate hard top that can replace the fabric roofing for colder, wetter climates and many, despite what people say, offer air conditioning for when having the roof down isn’t a viable option.

Look for both Cabriolet or Roadster bodystyles when hunting out your next soft top car.

Why buy a convertible?

Why not? With so many manufacturers offering convertibles across the cost spectrum, why say no?

Whether new or used, you're bound to find a convertible that fits within your budget... so grab Bridget Jones* and take to the open road!

*If Bridget isn't your preference, try Daniel Cleaver... though don't forget to keep hold of that headscarf.


Originally a Coupé was the label for a sleek hard-top, two-door, two-seater car that occasionally boasted a tight backseat.

However, the term has become broader across models and manufacturers over the years and can now be ascribed to many 'streamline' variants that still boast that 'sporty' appeal.

Either way, whether you select a coupé loyal to its roots or a newer, larger model, you’ll feel that smoother rush compared to a standard family car.

Also look for the Americanised Sedan bodystyle when hunting out your next coupé car

Why buy a Coupé?

It's time to hand over the keys to your first car... or accept that the well-loved family estate isn't necessary anymore.

For when you want to explore the limits on open roads or drive to the store with enough luggage space to accomodate the weekly shop, you won't go wrong with a coupé.

Or as the French say... J'aime ma Coupé