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Honda Tyre & Suspension Check

There are over 2 million potholes across the UK road network – for every one mile of road there’s a pothole! Bad weather can make the problem worse, with more motorists at risk of experiencing damage to their cars from driving over potholes.

We have all experienced driving over potholes, not only is the experience uncomfortable but it is also worrying as they can also be the cause damage to your car’s wheel alignment, tyres and suspension problems - which accounts for over a third of mechanical issues on UK roads. The effects of pothole damage can happen gradually, so you may not even realise or notice a loss in your car’s performance; but over time pothole damage can cause unevenly worn tyres, effect handling, increase braking distances and fuel consumption.

A fully balanced suspension with correct wheel alignment are both essential to ensure optimum driving performance. It also means you get the better grip from your tyres which will last longer with better road holding and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Make sure your car is driving damage free, safely and smoothly

There’s no better time to book your car for a free wheel alignment, tyre and suspension check at your Marshall Service Centre, where our fully trained expert technicians will check your car in full and you’ll also receive a complimentary electronic Vehicle Health Check report for complete peace of mind.

Contact us to register for your complimentary pothole damage check today or call your local dealer.

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