Land Rover Insurance Options

In the event of an insurance write off why risk getting only the market value for the vehicle, instead let us help you to get the original purchase price you paid for it.
LifeShine is the complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied at the dealership to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass. It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of ownership, guaranteed.
Cosmetic repair insurance helps you keep your Land Rover in showroom condition, without you having to pay a costly motor insurance excess or risk losing your no claims discount.
Alloy wheels change the way your Land Rover looks and the way that you feel about it. Even the world's best driver is not exempt from kerbing their alloys. Let us help you keep your alloys looking amazing.
Protect yourself against the cost of having to replace or repair your tyres a result of accidental damage, puncture or malicious damage.
Cars are extremely complex with thousands of sophisticated moving parts. This means that should anything go wrong the cost of repairs and roadside recovery can come as an unexpected and nasty surprise. Let us take care of this for you.
If your Land Rover breaks down the following cover is provided; Roadside Assistance, Home Assist and Nationwide Recovery. Included at no charge as a part of your Marshall Warranty.
Should your car fail its next MOT, let us take care of the cost of replacing or repairing the likely culprit parts, including the steering, suspension and braking system. Included at no charge as a part of your Marshall Warranty.
Servicing your car can often been seen as an expensive, worrying and inconvenient experience especially when having to pay for the bill in one lump sum. Let us take care of this for you with our flexible Service Plan enabling you to spread the cost of your servicing with manageable fixed price monthly payments, just like you would any other household bill.