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It’s time to lift the curtain on the stunning Range Rover Evoque Landmark Special Edition

To celebrate a fantastic six years of Range Rover Evoque excellence, the iconic British brand have now pulled out all the stops to create a new, statement model; the Evoque Landmark Special Edition.

Daubed in a stunning Marine Blue hue which simply begs for a second look, the latest descendant in the luxury SUV’s catalogue plays testimony to the model’s overall worldwide dominance. Exported to 130 markets across the globe, the Evoque has a trophy cabinet which bulges with over 200 awards; given that some 600,000 models have been built at Land Rover’s UK plant to date, there are plenty of examples on the road to showcase its finesse.

Priced from £39,000, the new Range Rover Evoque Landmark Special Edition will have its curtain officially lifted at Royal Windsor Horse Show on the 10th of May, with order books to open that same day.

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