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S G Smith Mercedes-Benz Smart Repairs

We are now pleased to be able to offer SMART Repairs to all of our customers. Minor cosmetic damage is unsightly and has a negative impact on the value of your vehicle. SMART Repair offers a high quality, low cost alternative to traditional bodyshop repairs*.
What’s more, most repairs can be completed within a matter of hours – not days! This type of repair is not only limited to scuffs and scratches. Paintless dent removal (PDR), alloy wheel refurbishment, interior trim and leather repairs, as well as glass chip repairs are all possible using SMART technology.

*Not all damage is suitable for SMART Repair.

​Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

PDR is suitable for all small dents (and some larger ones too!) on any metal panel such as those caused by other car doors and shopping trolleys. This kind of damage can occur at any time but can be skillfully removed by our advanced technicians without the need to fill or re-spray the panel.

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Chip and Scuff Repair

The golden rule of SMART Repair is “Repair – not replace”. Therefore some minor paint damage does not warrant an expensive bodyshop repair but will still detract from the appearance of your vehicle and affects its value. SMART Repair could be the best option, as most individual repairs take less than two hours to complete and all paint finishes are matched to the exact specification of the vehicle by computer. Repairs can be carried out to any of the panels on the vehicle, including bumpers and mirror cases – but excluding bonnets and roofs.

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Exterior Plastic Repair

Now with SMART Repair it is possible to carry out repairs to plastic such as bumpers, mirror casings and spoilers. Employing the art of repair without replacement, we can restore bumpers and other plastic parts to their original condition including recreating textured finishes.

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Interior Trim Repair

Advanced materials and techniques are employed to reconstruct the damaged areas, even when parts are missing. The upholstery in particular, can have a rough life and over time may acquire a variety of minor damage – snags and cigarette burns being the most common offenders. SMART Repair techniques can greatly improve this damage, often providing a near invisible repair that enhances the look of your vehicles’ interior.

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​Velour/Leather Repair

Velour/Leather upholstery can have a rough life and over time may acquire a variety of minor damage - snags and cigarette burns being the most common offenders. SMART repair techniques can make good this damage, providing a near invisible repair that rnrill restore the look of your vehicles interior.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Most commonly acquired whilst parking, scuffed wheels can be extremely unsightly. Fortunately, most types of rim and fascia damage can be repaired and re-sprayed to match any silver painted finish. However, we regret that we are unable to repair wheels which are buckled, cracked or corroded.

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Glass Repair

Before the advent of SMART Repair, the standard procedure for glass chips would be to replace the windscreen as soon as the damage became apparent. This resulted in an expensive insurance excess payment. However, most glass chips can now be repaired using a specially designed resin that seals the chip and bonds the glass together, thus eliminating the need to replace the windscreen. Always get glass chips treated quickly to prevent the windscreen from cracking, after which a repair will not be possible.

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